Local Mum Emily Hollingum

Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east:

I have lived in Randwick for over 30 years. I lived overseas in London and New York for around 10 years. When I came back to Sydney I decided to move back to Randwick.

I loved growing up near the beaches, and all the restaurants around Coogee and The Spot, it is a great place to bring up my own children.

How many children: I have two girls, a 3 year old and a 5 year old. That was another benefit of being in Randwick, there are a lot of great schools and preschools nearby.

Favourite Park: Centennial park is my favourite. It’s such a large park, which means there is always space for the kids to run around. We also enjoy looking for turtles and spotting birds.

If we’re feeling more active we hire a bike and have cycled around the park a few times on the four seaters. The girls love it, but it is hard work for the parents doing all the peddling!

Favourite Beach: Malabar beach. It is generally easy to find a place to park, there is a good playground, and the waves are nice and gentle for my little ones. I have even spotted some sea turtles there, which was a nice surprise.

Favourite kid friendly cafe: We like Bistro on the Greens, it is a restaurant that actually seems to welcome kids! They have a play area a good kids menu and plenty of space to run around.

Favourite Coffee Spot: Recently we’ve been visiting the new development at Newmarket, there are a couple of good cafes there, an amazing playground and a nice park.

Favourite date night place: Tapas is one of my favourite foods and my go to restaurant for that is Del Punto, at The Spot. We’ve been there quite a few times, the staff are very friendly and make an effort to seat you, even when they are busy. I like the cosy atmosphere, and of course the food is great.

Favourite Local Day Out Activity: We enjoy heading to La Perouse. From there we can go for walks along the beach, or the head land, or visit Bare Island. The kids like walking across the bridge to the island and exploring the rock pools, looking for fish and crabs.

Favourite Local Shop:

Kürtősh, the cakes and treats are amazing. Plus it is a fun activity for the kids, they spend a long time making sure they have picked the best treat.


Favourite wet weather location: I’ve spent many happy rainy days watching movies at The Ritz Cinema. They have movie times called BYO Baby, which was good when I was at home with my babies. I often met other Mum’s at the Ritz to enjoy a movie, with our kids in tow. On a perfect day the babies would peacefully sleep through the movie, although that didn’t happen very often

Describe an ideal day in Sydney’s eastern suburbs for you? I really enjoy being out in the sunshine and making the most of the beautiful beaches. So for me it would be heading down to Coogee for a coffee. Then walking north towards Clovelly on the coastal walk. I’d stop at the beaches along the way for a swim, and then end the day at Icebergs for a relaxing cocktail.

What area of the east have you yet to explore much but would like to? I’ve done the Coogee to Bondi coastal walk quite a few times, I’d love to do some of the coastal walks further south of Coogee. I have walked to Maroubra before, but I’d like to go further south and walk across the headlands towards, and past, Malabar.

Work or SAHM:

Prior to having children, I worked full time in investment banking. I really enjoyed working in finance, but was looking for a job with a bit more flexibility so that I could spend more time with my children.

So a few years back I co-founded Super-Rewards, an e-commerce company that pays cash rewards into women’s super. I love the social mission of the company, the fact that I get to work in finance and that I can mostly work from home.

Working from home makes it easier to pick the kids up from school and spend the afternoon together.

Motherly advice :

Just do the best you can. I think parents place a lot of pressure on themselves to be perfect, but the things that are important to us (like healthy food, or a clean house) are often things that kids don’t appreciate. What my kids want most is to spend time together as a family. So I try to take a step back from the daily tasks and enjoy their company.


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