Local Mum Amy Rodgers

Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east:

I’ve been in the Eastern Suburbs since I met my husband 16 years ago, first Maroubra, then Hillsdale and now Botany, my business is based in Maroubra so I don’t have far to travel which is great.

How many children:

I have 2 girls, Taylor & Jessica, they’re in primary school so I have more time to work, although those hours between school drop off and pick up really does go fast

Favourite Park:

My girls always enjoy Boralee Park in Botany, especially after school. It’s got a great playground and oval there for them to run around and work off some energy.

It’s nice for me too to sit down and get some sun & work remotely while they play or catch up with some of my school mum friends.

Favourite Beach:

North Maroubra is the favourite at the moment but the other top spots are La Perouse, Yarra and Maroubra Beach.

Favourite kid friendly cafe:

Four Frogs Creperie @ The Spot Randwick is our absolute favourite place. That’s our family date spot.

Favourite Coffee Spot:

There’s some great places in Botany & Banksmeadow, heaps of new ones popping up, it’s really awesome to see these businesses open to plenty of excitement from the locals.

Favourite date night place:

Before we had kids, we used to always go to Arthurs Pizza @ the spot for years.

That was pretty much our Friday night hangout. Pizza and Steak Diane and then we’d pretty much roll on out of there and watch a movie.

Favourite Local Day Out Activity:

We’ve had some really lovely days at Maroubra Beach.

I pack heaps of food because I swear my kids are constantly hungry when we’re out so I like to have loads of food and plenty of icy water, then we can stay there for as long as we want.

Favourite Local Shop:

If we’re talking the never-ending grocery shop, then I love Southpoint @ Hillsdale, I’m always there for my weekly shop up and the smaller shops like the Butcher are great.

If we’re talking shops other than groceries, then I’ll happily admit it, I’m always at Westfield Eastgardens. I put my headphones on and walk around looking at my favourite homewares stores like I’m on holidays.

Favourite wet weather location:

We enjoy Skyzone and Archie Bros in Alexandria, when the girls were little we loved Little Dynamo’s but we’ve definitely outgrown the play centres now.

Describe an ideal day in Sydney’s eastern suburbs for you?

We always enjoyed a brunch at Bazura at Coogee, it’s super close to the playground and the beach, our girls love it there.

What area of the east have you yet to explore much but would like to?

I haven’t had a chance to do the new coastal walk from Maroubra to Malabar past the old rifle range and back again.


Work or SAHM:

I have my own salon, Beautifeyes, that I run with my business partner, Dani.

We do Eyelash Extensions and Brows and are based in Maroubra just across from Pacific Square.

Our salon has been running for 6 years now.

We have so many Mum’s that come to us on a regular basis and that’s their treat.

They either come in ready to have their Lash Nap or we chat while they get their lashes done.

The atmosphere in Beautifeyes is the best.

There’s a friendly ambience and everybody gets along, the laughs from the conversations from all the ladies are the best.

We have formed some of the nicest friendships with our Beautifeyes clients that it’s like catching up with girlfriends everyday.

Motherly advice:

Well I only learned this one recently myself but even if it’s just for a day or if you’re on holidays, put away the “Mum Duty” and have fun with your kids.

Life is so busy and it’s hard to spend quality time with them and do all the other stuff that is needed.

I took my girls to Cambodia & Singapore last year and it was one of the best holidays I’ve ever had.

It was like I was hanging out with 2 girlfriends. We explored amazing parts of the world and ran around theme parks just hanging out and having fun. It helped form a different relationship with my kids.

Spending time with them rather than spending money on them is definitely more rewarding, those are memories that will last forever.


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