Local Guide to Christmas Lights in the Eastern Suburbs

**Please note that these listings are correct at the time of publishing and are subject to change. Please be respectful when visiting houses with Christmas lights and maintain safe social distancing rules.**

The dedication these local eastern suburbanites put into their Xmas lights is just wonderful and gold stars (literally) to them for taking the time and effort to bring life into the community at this time of year. Trust me the kids will love it and so will you when you see their faces literally light up with the magic creations so many have done.


Avoca and Waratah Avenue is sure to be a spectacle, it’s one of Sydney’s most popular streets for Xmas lights.


There is a scattered collection of houses with one awesome house on Page Street near Banksia Street end.


Waratah Ave the lights go on each night from 7.30pm.


71 Arden Street has an amazing display of lights which will delight the kids


Denison Street


Coward Street, Alfred Street and David Street.


A former resident who passed away several years ago initially started the tradition in Frederick Street and soon many other residents followed his passion and the tradition still lives on. Amazing lights and Xmas ornaments can be found, the street is short and not that wide so it creates a really lovely atmosphere.  Best to park in Oberon St and walk up.


Traditionally this was an area that had amazing streets of lights but not sure what 2020 is like Barwon Crescent and Franklin Street are usually popular

We hope to see more new streets pop up this year as it creates such a great community spirit and most of all lovely memories for the kids! Make sure you take pics and send to info@easternsuburbsmums.com.au