Mums should not have to choose between breastfeeding their children and their work, and that’s the focus of local Aussie start-up, Bubka – which was founded to support the goals of breastfeeding mums with innovative products that empower, and has the backing of local lactation consultants. You can read more about our story here.

At Bubka, we believe pumping should be simple. As a leading innovator in maternal and baby care products, Bubka is excited to announce the launch of its latest breakthrough: The Bubka Move breast pump. “At Bubka, we understand the challenges and demands that come with being a mom, and we are committed to creating innovative solutions that make motherhood more enjoyable and manageable,” said Co-Founder, Alicia Segal at Bubka. “The Bubka Move is a testament to our dedication to providing practical, high-quality products that support the needs of modern mothers.”

The Bubka Move is not just another breast pump; it’s a game-changer. Designed with the active and on-the-go mum in mind, it combines innovation, comfort, and efficiency to make pumping even simpler and more discreet than ever before. Whether you’re a busy working professional, an active mum, or simply in need of convenience, The Bubka Move is here to support your breastfeeding journey.

Key Features of The Bubka Move:

  • Discreet and Lightweight: The Bubka Move boasts a sleek and discreet design, allowing you to pump confidently and privately, even on the move. Weighing in as one of the lightest breast pumps on the market, it won’t slow you down during your daily activities.
  • Anatomically Shaped: Designed with your comfort in mind, The Bubka Move features an anatomically shaped breast shield that ensures a secure and gentle fit for every user. No more discomfort or painful squeezing.
  • Easy Assembly: With just four easy-to-assemble parts, The Bubka Move is incredibly user-friendly. Say goodbye to complex setups and fumbling with multiple components. Save time and energy with this hassle-free design.
  • Hands-Free: Experience true freedom with hands-free pumping. The Bubka Move allows you to multitask, making it ideal for busy moms. You can now tackle your to-do list while maintaining a consistent milk supply.
  • Hospital-Grade Performance: Don’t compromise on the quality of your breast milk. The Bubka Move is built to deliver hospital-grade pumping performance from the comfort of your own home.

The Bubka Move is available to go live on October 10th as a limited edition on our website Don’t miss out, join the movement.

Stay connected with Bubka on social media and our website for updates and exclusive offers leading up to the official launch. To learn more about The Bubka Move and to join our community of empowered moms, visit

About Bubka: 

The idea for Bubka was born just days after our first son was born. 

I struggled with breastfeeding, which I knew was common. But I wasn’t prepared for the difficulties that came with pumping. 

When the midwife wheeled in a bulky electric breast pump with tangled cords, she gave me a quick and complicated run down of how to use it, then left. 

There I was, four days postpartum, crawling around on the floor to find a powerpoint behind the hospital bed, trying to untangle the cords and decipher the pump settings, only to find out the pump was broken!

I knew there had to be a better way for new mums to express breast milk. And so Bubka was born.

A year ago, this IG post transformed our lives forever. We owe an immense debt of gratitude to the incredible @janapittmanofficial, an Australian icon, mum of six, a three-time Olympian, a SAS warrior, and now a doctor. Before reaching out to Jana, we knew that Bubka could revolutionise the lives of breastfeeding mums, but as a new biz, we lacked the resources to spread the word. We faced countless rejections and closed doors, but Jana wholeheartedly believed in our vision of making pumping simple.

The overwhelming support for our small biz since then has left us astounded. We have received incredibly positive feedback, and we can’t express enough how fortunate we are to have Jana’s support from the early days.

On a side note, when we first spoke to Jana, she had just given birth to her twins and was delivering keynote speeches at events across Australia. Despite her busy schedule, she managed to pump on-the-go. We discussed how, without Bubka, she would have been confined to a power socket, making her high intensity life that much more difficult.