There are few times in a person’s life when people tend to think about insurance, the most common without a doubt is when they become a parent. 

This is completely normal, as for the first time, you have someone who is wholly dependent on you. To provide for them, to put food on the table and to keep a roof over their heads. 

I personally don’t like how the insurance industry works. Salespeople masquerading as financial advisers like to use pressure sales and fear to sell insurance. the way we work is completely different” says Andy Darroch from Advise Me Today.

They use cherry-picked or simply made-up statistics to scare people into signing up for overly expensive, overly complicated policies. Advisers like doing this because they’re paid by commission from the insurance company, and the more you’re insured, the more money they make.

Despite this, make no mistake, it is extremely important to have insurance cover. Insurance can answer the question, what would happen to your family if you weren’t around?

There’s a lot of different kinds of insurance, there’s a lot of different providers, there’s different ways to pay for it. It can be overwhelming.

There is good news though. Whilst insurance is complicated, it doesn’t have to be. You can have a plan in place that will protect your family and loved ones in the event a parent were to become seriously ill, injured or pass away. 

To do this, you probably won’t need ultra-expensive policies. You probably don’t need to put pressure on your budget by funding the premiums personally. Finally, you probably don’t need to undergo invasive medical questionnaires and health checks. 

We help young families ensure that they are covered every single day. We do this by working with them to put in place a plan that benefits them, that gives them peace of mind.

We are 100% independent, this means that we don’t accept any commissions from insurers, you can be sure you’re going to end up in the best product for you and your family. We put Mums & Dads first.

Where possible we utilise superannuation to ensure that no unnecessary costs are pushed into your budgets. You can have good cover, for a low price.

We put clients first, our clients have a structured plan to ensure that their families are covered for whatever life throws at them. We take immense pride in helping our clients, and we do it by giving them independent advice that benefits them, not us. 

If you would like to have an obligation free, cost free, confidential chat about your situation, and how we might be able to help, please give me a call on 0412 295 392 or visit our website to learn more.