Get excited mums – the East is one of the first places in Sydney to get the Cryoskin Revolution – a new generation approach to skin toning and body sculpting that has taken the rest of the world by storm.

Cryo Glow Co offers the Cryoskin Revolution at luxe fitness studio, The Well in Bondi. CRYO GLOW CO is on a mission to change how we view body sculpting.

The Cryo Revolution has landed in Australia from Paris – with its cool (literally) wand that allows gentle contouring and skin treatments on any part of the body. Gone are the days of uncomfortable and limiting vacuum cups and secret medi spa procedures. Using cool to tone and sculpt is something to be celebrated as part of a healthy lifestyle and is now available in some of Sydney’s most beautiful wellness spaces and salons – including luxe gym The Well in Bondi.

Cryo is a way to tone and sculpt is being embraced as a way to proactively achieve the optimal skin and body. From facials to fat freezing, the Cryoskin Revolution is making fat freezing more accessible and affordable than ever, positioning itself as a sensible add-on to a healthy lifestyle to help manage the stubborn areas and skin imperfections that creep up as we age. Let’s call it a cold massage with benefits.

Combined with a healthy lifestyle, the Cryoskin Revolution is the perfect adjunct to managing stubborn areas (hello mum tum), boosting your skin and preventing year on year gain – all in a way that works in harmony with your natural processes.

What makes this different to other fat freezing e.g. Coolsculpting?

The Cryoskin Revolution with a cryo wand and thermal shock (hot and cold).

The cryo wand is a game changer. The wand allows any area to receive treatment. No uncomfortable vacuum ‘cups’ meaning even thin layers of fat can be treated
as well as hard to reach areas. What’s more it’s not set and forget with treatment areas being limited to a cup size, a trained therapist performs the treatment and can contour areas with your body shape.

Most importantly the treatments are more affordable – coming down to $300 per treatment in packages.

Treatments are 30-45 minutes using a cryo wand to gently massage and contour the area. Additionally the Cryo Revolution uses heat at the beginning and end of treatment to deliver greater thermal shock.

What about downtime?

There’s no downtime. If you’re doing fat freezing, following treatment, the killed fat cells are gently and gradually metabolised by your body over a few weeks. This means you need a minimum of 2 weeks between treatments.

Most importantly, it’s enjoyable – relax with noise cancelling headphones listening to your favourite podcast or meditation and enjoy the cold massage.

Cryofacials – talk to me!

You may have seen UK influencers on your feed heading for their weekly cryo facials (as if London isn’t cold enough). Why? Cold (but not sub-zero we want to keep the fat on your face) does wonders for promoting collagen and elastin to keep skin looking fresh, pores small and wrinkles diminished.

For cryo facials or toning – weekly treatments are fine. You’ll see a skin boost after an initial treatment but for lasting effects a series of 5 treatments will give your body the chance to boost collagen and elastin, responding to the cold (but not subzero) temperatures over time.

Is it for me?

You can’t unrun a bad diet and the same goes for fat freezing. You’re an ideal candidate for Cryoskin Revolution if your diet is healthy and you are exercising but have stubborn areas that are hard to lose. It’s not a total body makeover – but perfect to treat the spots that annoy you. Mum tums, changes in body composition brought on by menopause or shifting that final stubborn fat for the summer ab reveal.

Depending on your goals, multiple sessions are required, usually spread out over 2 week intervals.

As for facials – best to wait at least a month following Botox and fillers.

Where can I get it?

True to its holistic and accessible approach to fat freezing and skin treatments – Cryo Glow Co operates out of beautiful, holistic salons and wellness spaces including the newly renovated The Well in Bondi.

As an in-salon service Cryo Glow Co is expanding to brand-aligned salons and wellness spaces throughout Sydney – so look out for more Eastern Suburbs venues offering Cryoskin Revolution soon.

Bookings (make sure you mention ‘ESM20’ for 20% off treatments)