We’ve done a round up of the spookily great streets to celebrate Halloween 2023 style in the Eastern Suburbs. 

Even though Halloween officially falls on a Tuesday 31st October there are loads of local events if you can’t do anything to celebrate it on a school night!

We also encourage that children are supervised when out in the street, respect neighbourhoods in terms of noise and have fun but be good locals!

Our other tip is be a good neighbour and purchase some bags of lollies if you are walking out with the kids, this is to help replenish the lollies that local home owners have donated along with their decorations !

Best Streets for Trick and Treating 

(*Always a guide we cannot guarantee if there are changes as often word of mouth from our local community of mums!)


William Street is renowned for its Halloween enthusiasm! Halloween on William Street is a sight to behold. Families and friends gather to celebrate this spooky occasion, making it a memorable and thrilling experience for everyone in the neighborhood. The residents of William Street in Botany, NSW, truly know how to embrace the Halloween spirit, turning their street into a festive and enchanting destination during this spooky season.

Bronte: Chesterfield Parade

Chesterfield Parade is a charming, tree-lined street in the heart of Bronte, known for its strong sense of community and the creativity that comes to life during Halloween. Each year, residents of Chesterfield Parade go all out with their Halloween decorations, transforming the neighborhood into a spooky wonderland. From elaborately carved pumpkins and eerie tombstones to hauntingly decorated houses and lawns adorned with ghosts and ghouls, the street becomes a must-visit destination for Halloween enthusiasts. The creative spirit of the residents shines through as they celebrate this festive holiday, making Chesterfield Parade a delight for both locals and visitors during the Halloween season.

Rose Bay: Liverpool Street & Murriveri Road.

Rose Bay, comes alive with Halloween spirit on Liverpool Street and Murriveri Road, as residents deck out their homes with captivating decorations. From classic jack-o’-lanterns and cobweb-draped porches to eerie graveyards and haunted house facades, you’ll find a delightful mix of spooky creativity.

On Liverpool Street, homeowners embrace the Halloween theme with enthusiasm, setting the stage for a mesmerizing neighborhood experience. Expect to see intricately carved pumpkins, witches’ cauldrons, and ghostly silhouettes that transform the street into a hauntingly beautiful sight. This community knows how to create an atmosphere that captures the essence of the holiday.

Murriveri Road takes Halloween decorations to the next level, with residents showcasing their passion for the supernatural. As you stroll along this road, you’ll encounter lifelike zombies, intricate mazes, and a myriad of decorations that make the Halloween experience unforgettable. Families, friends, and visitors flock to Murriveri Road to immerse themselves in the spooky wonderland it becomes during this season.

In both Liverpool Street and Murriveri Road in Rose Bay, Halloween enthusiasts come together to create an enchanting and thrilling atmosphere, making these streets must-visit destinations for those seeking a memorable Halloween experience.


Gumara Road, Hendy Avenue, Rainbow Avenue, Ellen Street, and Dangar Street

Creer Street becomes ‘Creep Street’ as local residents get into the spirit with even changing the name of their street to capture the Halloween spirit!


Many streets get behind Halloween but notably Rainbow Street between Arden and Mount Street


Chester Ave

Edgar Street starts from around 5:00pm


Hastings Parade and Avoca Street have been popular for many years for Halloween home decorations

Little Bay:

Esperance Close 


Austral Street and Victoria Street , Prince Edward and Raglan Street

Happy Larry’s Pizza Truck down at Malabar Park will also be hosting a special spooky menu and dress up comp from 3pm – 7.30pm


Harold Street


Lots of streets around Five Ways in Paddington from around 4:00pm