Calling all budding scientists and nature buffs! In celebration of National Science Week on 14-22 August 2021, Greater Sydney Parklands is taking kids on an interactive science-packed journey through two of Sydney’s iconic parklands!

The virtual community event, From Swamp to Scrub is ideal for kids aged 5-12 and will journey from the wetlands of Centennial Park to the woodlands and scrub of Western Sydney Parklands.

Along the way, kids, together with their parents or teachers, will discover the iconic plants and animals that call these parks home!

The Experience:

Junior scientists can virtually navigate their way across two of Sydney’s iconic parklands and explore over 25 science activities as they journey From Swamp to Scrub.

With adventures to complete on screen and away from the computer, From Swamp to Scrub will introduce kids to the variety of science in Sydney’s parklands and teach them important skills while having fun along the way!

By the end of the journey, budding scientists will know:

Who was Australia’s dinosaur

Which backyard weeds can be turned into a yummy salad

How to find fancy delicacies in the Australian bush

How to help Australia’s wildlife by bringing back the bush

Which nocturnal superhero animals only come out at night

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie’s important job to disperse seeds across our country

Plus, much more!

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