Couples needing a re-boot, new mums feeling the overwhelm, and people experiencing a cancer diagnosis are just some of the participants being supported by Billabong Retreat with its new Specialist Wellness Day Retreats. 

To better support and cater for a growing range of specialised needs in today’s modern lifestyle, Billabong Retreat has created five Specialty Day Retreats to launch with experts in each field. 

These new specialty day experiences will complement Billabong Retreat’s current longer offerings, 2- and 3-night retreats that include delicious wholefoods, daily yoga, meditation and education workshops to empower and inspire. 

Billabong Retreat is an award winning wellness retreat founded and opened in 2010 by Paul von Bergen whose vision was to create a unique place where people could come and reconnect to nature and life within and around them. The 26- room retreat is located on 12 acres of natural bushland in Maraylya, just 45 minutes from the Sydney CBD. 

Specialty Retreat Calendar and Themes: 11 November – 13 December 2023 The new Specialty Day Retreats include: 

Mama Reset (Saturday) – 11 November 

Mama Reset will delve into exploring and releasing ‘bound up’ stress, anxiety or emotions that are getting in the way of the mother, wife and woman you want to be. It will reconnect you to your centre, unload your mind, and relax your nervous system through a variety of tools, including movement, kinesiology, massage, gentle hypnosis, nutrition and rest. Facilitated by childbirth educator Natalie Andrew and healthcare practitioner Jo Callender. 

Couples Connection (Saturday) – 18 November 

Couples will have the opportunity to reignite their relationships for the better through this experiential and empowering day, combining ancient wisdom principals and somatic practices to better understand and connect with each other. Facilitated by Willow Peterson. 

Cold Coaching (Saturday) – 25 November 

Expand your awareness, enliven your body and experience life through a calm, fulfilled and peaceful lens. The day will include guided meditation and yoga, breathwork, and cold immersion therapy with facilitator Tanya Savva. 

Women’s Wellness Retreat (Saturday) – 2 December 

Embrace a greater ease and flow in life by working with your cycle. Facilitator Kelly Phoenix Rose explores what detox means for body, mind and emotions, and helps to restore imbalances and enhance your capacity for clarity, creativity, playfulness, healing and deep nurture and nourishment.

Cancer Coaching (Wednesday) – 13 December 

Facilitated by Kelly Phoenix Rose, participants experiencing cancer will have a unique focus on holistic self- care practices that better support the central nervous system using crystals, oils, sound, plans and more to enhance a yin (healing), as well as nutrition, immunity and resetting emotions. 

Pricing is $300 per person Wednesday and $350 per person Saturday. 

For booking and more information, visit: or phone 02 4573 6080.