The idea of going dry in July is no longer a tradition of the few, the interest in living a sober curious life continues to grow, and with it the number of people looking for an alternative to alcoholic beverages*. Giesen Group has responded to the demand from consumers with its 0%** wine range. A pioneer in the alcohol-removed wine space, having launched the first New Zealand 0% Sauvignon Blanc in 2020, the range has now expanded to include a Rosé, Pinot Gris, Riesling and Merlot. Riesling will hit Australian shores just in time for Spring. Consumers are loving the quality of these wines, with several releases selling out due to the demand. Giesen Group was last week awarded the trophy for Best Winemaker at the inaugural 2022 Winepilot Zero Alcohol Wine Show. An added benefit is the Giesen 0% wines are also 70-80% lower in calories than standard 12.5% alcohol/volume wines.

Dietician Susie Burrell says, “July is a great time to kick start some new healthy habits. It’s also the perfect opportunity to discover some of the amazing low and no alcohol drinks out there. Some of the zero alcohol options can be packed full of sugar, but the good news is that Giesen 0% wine is a significantly lighter option.” 

Ensure your success in staying dry this July by trying Giesen 0% wines, and following Susie’s top five tips:

  1. Stay stronger together – you’re much more likely to achieve your goal if you take on the challenge with a friend or team. It keeps you accountable and you’ll have fun. 
  2. Raise money for charity – knowing you’re giving up alcohol for a good cause does wonders for your motivation. Sign up with Dry July or choose another charity close to your heart. 
  3. Replace the habit – if you normally reach for a glass of wine after putting the kids to bed or coming home from work, do something else to relax instead: meet a friend, go to a yoga class, listen to a podcast, take up a hobby that keeps your hands busy.
  4. Think of it as a reset – the healthy intentions you had at the start of the year may have slipped by now. Take this as an opportunity to reassess and make some new commitments to self-care.
  5. Be prepared – let your family and friends know in advance, so you don’t feel socially awkward AND find an alternative to the alcohol you normally drink for social settings. If you find a NOLO alcohol drink that you love, your mission to cut out alcohol will be much more enjoyable. 

It is worth noting that not all 0% wine is made equal. Giesen Group is taking the category seriously, with $2 million invested in its spinning cone technology to make the popular 0% range. It’s all in the spin. The Giesen 0% wine starts out as premium New Zealand wine, and then the alcohol is gently spun out at low temperatures to preserve the quality of the wine (technology that is also used to produce high end perfume and coffee). The aroma is then added back in to give the distinctive taste and character expected from wine and then the wine is bottled quickly to capture the freshness of the 0% wines. Giesen Chief Winemaker Duncan Shouler says, 

The Giesen winemaking team have had a vision from the outset to make exceptional alcohol-removed wines. It started with a companywide health focus which included reducing alcohol consumption for a month and subsequently the team embarked on a journey to make the best non-alcohol wine alternatives available. From sourcing particular parcels of our finest New Zealand fruit in the vineyards, to a dedicated specialist team just working on our spinning cone technology, there’s no stone left unturned. These wines are made with the same care and commitment as our regular premium wines but talk to the growing consumer appetite for healthier beverage alternatives. A great option for those occasions where you want to enjoy the taste and social aspects of wine, but without the alcohol.”  

Reduce your alcohol and enjoy the benefit of lower calories with Giesen 0% wines. Available at retail outlets across Australia, including Dan Murphy’s, Sans Drinks, Craft Zero. RRP: $18.99.