Be part of the upside-down photo craze that is taking the world by storm, with House Down Under – Australia’s first ever inverted house photo experience. 

The first of its kind in Australia, House Down Under, takes the phrase “turn your world upside down” to a whole new level! The unique attraction gives the impression it has been dropped from the sky, creating a museum of illusion to take mind bending images. 

“What an honour and dream it is to be able to introduce the inverted house photo experience to Australia. House Down Under is a unique twist of perception where everyone can experience walking on the ceiling,” said Osvaldas Anusaitis, General Manager. 

Taking six weeks to build from start to finish, the house is about 65sqm (internally) and is designed as an open plan with eight interactive upside down ‘areas’. A team of expert designers from the UK and locally worked on the house, but ultimately it was the owner’s own imagination and finishing touches that have created the ‘wow’ factor, for Australia’s first upside down house. 

The areas within the house include an attic, kids play area and monkey bars, bathroom with toilet, study/office area, traditional house entry, lounge room, bedroom and kitchen, so photo opportunities are a plenty, and depends on how creative visitors to the House Down Under want to be. 

“You will be amazed when you walk into the house, with everything inside literally completely upside down, from the couch to the coffee table, to the bed, to the toilet and even the wall art, House Down Under is like nothing you have ever seen before,” said Rytis Gruodis, Owner and Director.

Let your imagination run wild as you work with the illusion, posing and creating some of the most amusing and unique photos throughout the home’s different upside-down areas.

There is no time limit on how long visitors can spend inside the house, so people can take their time perfecting their poses and taking as many ‘upside down photos’ as they like.

House Down Under friendly staff are also on hand to offer advice on photo set up and how to take some of the most unbelievable photos, that will leave family and friends confused and envious. 

“House Down Under is a lot of topsy turvy fun, the whole family will enjoy. Where else can you walk on the ceiling and capture every moment?” said Mr Gruodis and Mr Anusaitis. 

House Down Under is fast becoming Australia’s newest tourist attraction, bewildering visitors who feel like they have just stepped into another dimension. With the exclusive rights and plans to bring House Down Under into every major city in Australia and New Zealand, the owners have their eyes set on Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne. 

Get excited to flip life on its head and let your imagination run wild. House Down Under is at the Entertainment Quarter in Moore Park and promises to deliver the most upside down fun you’ve ever had. 

Entry prices to House Down Under are $27 for an adult; $19 for a child; $23 for a concession, with family passes ranging from $52-$74 for a family of four. House Down Under will be open daily for the July School Holidays.  


For more information and to purchase tickets please visit: