The nights are starting to draw out, that chill that’s been in the air these past weeks feels warmer and new growth is appearing in the gardens and parks around the city.Here it is, the start of spring!

In yoga and TCM (Traditional Chinse Medicine) spring is associated with the Wood element and the Liver and Gallbladder meridians. During spring we can create flexibility in both body and mind. It’s about sparking ideas and gaining inspiration and vision for the months ahead.

Through yoga postures and breathing techniques we release frustration and let go of any negative emotions that may be holding us back.

For our kids, they are coming to the end of the term and soon the end of the year.For many, fatigue is starting to sink in. It’s not uncommon during this time of the year for kids to become irritable and cranky.

School is really busy and my head gets full but when I come to yoga I feel free.” – Olivia, 7 year old Yogini

Before yoga today I felt frustrated, now I feel calm – Justin, 8 year old Yogi

A little yoga play can brighten up the day.Roll out the yoga mat and give these five fun poses ago. Take it nice and easy.Remember yoga’s not about pushing your body into the perfect pose.It’s about moving the body through the breath, relaxing into the pose and seeing where it takes you…

Seated Twist variation, Parsva Sukhasana

Sit cross legged

Stretch the hands out to the sides parallel with the shoulders

Place the right hand onto the left knee

Straighten the spine

Place the left hand on the floor behind the body

Stay here for three breaths before repeating on the other side

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Gate Pose, Parighasana 

Kneel on the mat

Extend the right leg out to the right side

Rest the right and on the extended right leg

Reach the left arms up and then arch over to the right

Stay here for three to five breaths and repeat on the other side


Eagle Pose variation, Garudasana

Sit with both legs straight out in front of the body

Place the right foot on the floor over the left thigh and as close to the left hip as possible

Bend the left knee and place the left foot as close to the right hip as possible

Stretch arms straight out in front of the body

Cross the left elbow over the inside of the right elbow

Bend Elbows and bring the palms of the hands together

Relax the shoulders

Straighten the spine

Stay here for three to five breaths and repeat on the other side



Triangle Pose, Trikonasana

Stand with legs wide

Turn the right foot to the right side

Hold the arms parallel to the ground

Move the left hips towards the back left hand and the torso forwards towards the right hand

Tip your straight arms 90 degrees and let the hand rest where it lands on the leg or ankle

Gaze towards the floor or up to the left hand

Hold here for three to five breaths before switching to the other side


Reclining Butterfly Pose, Supta Baddha Konasana

Lie on the back with legs together

Bend your knees and place feet on the ground

Place the hands on the inner thighs and guide the knees towards the floor

Place the hands on the floor next to the body, palms facing upwards

Relax the body and close the eyes

Notice the rise and fall of the belly as the breath enters and leaves the body

Breathe naturally

Remain here for 5-10 minutes


These instructions are guidelines and are best practiced with an experienced kid’s yoga teacher. When practicing yoga please be mindful of your body’s limits and never force or strain.

The benefits of a regular kids yoga and mindfulness practice stretch off the mat and into everyday life.Kids build positive relationships with others, become more resilient and find it easier to concentrate in the classroom.

Many schools now have kids yoga and mindfulness as part of their wellbeing or sports offering.

Inner Child Yoga runs classes for 5-12 year olds at schools, OOSH’s and Sona Yoga in Randwick. Our mind-body programs empower kids to connect with themselves, love who they are and fully experience the adventure of life.

“Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.” ~ Albert Einstein

For more info go to Inner Child Yoga

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