Winter Immunity Tips

As we enter the winter months, new research reveals the majority (63%) of Aussies are concerned about their immune system health, while 83.2% agree they could be doing more to help boost their body’s immune defences.

As a busy mum of two, Erin McNaught says staying healthy and supporting her immune system is incredibly important, but even more so during this time of year.

Erin has developed her own immunity toolkit to help boost her body’s three lines of immune defence.
  1. Hygiene happy. By now we should all be familiar with washing our hands and maintaining social distancing. I try to be conscious of my personal hygiene and make sure I avoid other people’s germs wherever possible.
  2. Light the way. Regular exercise is really important for immune system health, so I try to ensure I get at least three good workouts in each week. Trail running is a great way to get some vitamin D while enjoying the benefits of being in nature. I also love Hip hop classes and weight training.
  3. Tooty fruity (and vege). I try to eat a balanced diet, but during the winter months I make sure I’m upping my intake of vitamin-rich foods. Fruits and vegetables are a no-brainer here – I have a smoothie most mornings and a morning juice with immunity boosting ingredients. Two birds with one stone!
  4. An added boost. So we all know vitamin and mineral supplements aren’t a substitute for a balanced diet. But I am a fan of them for that extra boost, particularly when it comes to immune system health. I’ve recently started taking Redoxon Immunity daily – it has added Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc to help support your body’s three lines of immune defence.  Redoxon is available in supermarkets and chemists around Australia.
  5. Sleep success. I’m a big fan of setting up a proper sleep routine that includes trying to stick to a regular bedtime as well as limiting screen time before bed. However my schedule is ever changing and sometimes involves late nights and early mornings, which means I end up operating on not enough sleep. I’m a big believer in taking a nap at any opportunity!
  6. Hydration Station. Winter can be so dry – it’s easy to forget to drink enough when you don’t actually feel thirsty, but it’s important to stay hydrated all year round to help your body function at its best. That’s why I carry a large bottle of water with me everywhere I go.