Vein Free Legs for Summer

For most women you can thank your genetics not crossing your legs for spider veins. (thanks mum not!)

Eastern Suburbs Mums chats with The Laser Lounge Doubly Bay on how to treat spider veins

How is it treated?

For vein removal we can treat capillaries, spider veins and reticular veins. The laser targets the pigment in the blood, the heat generated from the laser coagulates the blood inside the vessel causing it to collapse and seal.   Some of these veins will instantly be gone however it can takeup to six weeks, for the veins to be reabsorbed by the body and disappear.

A course of treatment is usually required and can be anything from 3 to 6 treatments. In areas where we can see and treat the reticular veins spider veinsshould also go and stay gone. if the reticular can not be seen to be treatment depending on lifestyle, spider veins and capillaries can reappear so we recommend a maintenance treatment usually every 6 months.


When is the best time to treat?

Treatment can not be done if you’ve been sun or heat exposed the week prior, have has sun burn with in 2/3 weeks prior, are wearing fake tan or have been using retinol (vitamin a) 2 weeks prior.

Down time is in most cases mild you leave red and with markings similar to cat scratches, these should go down with in an hour but in some cases can last longer and light bruising may also appear.

We suggest avoiding sun and heat exposure for the week post treatment to allow all heat from the laser to leave the body with as minimal downtime as possible repeat treatments are done 6 weeks later.

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