As a Kinesiologist, I believe in the power of the human body and mind to heal and thrive. My holistic approach  to health and wellness is rooted in the principles of kinesiology, a discipline that combines the study of  movement with the understanding of the body’s energy systems. Through our unique offerings, together I  guide you to take back your health and unlock your full potential. 

I hold you in a safe space both online and in person. We look at the emotions lying underneath your  symptoms which may include chronic pain, stress, a lack of energy, or anxiety and overwhelm. It’s in this space  of safety, that your nervous system lets go and we begin to step gently into your limiting beliefs and  challenges to uncover where you are stuck.  

At Zode Kinesiology, I offer a range of services designed to support you in this journey. Using a combination  of techniques, including muscle testing, energy balancing, shamanic healing, tapping, and intuitive  counselling, to address the root cause of your physical, emotional, and mental imbalances so you find relief  and regain your life. 

One of our signature offerings is our Guided Energy sessions, which are designed to restore harmony to your  body’s energy systems. I am guided to enable you to release negative emotions, improve your mental clarity,  and enhance your overall well-being through these ceremonial sessions. Our clients often report feeling  lighter, more centred, and more connected to themselves and others afterwards. 

I also offer kinesiology through intuitive counselling and muscle testing. This is where your body guides me to help you optimise your body’s natural healing processes. These sessions are great for children, teens and  adults and given energy has no limitation of time and space, they are as effective online as they are in person. 

At Zode Kinesiology, we believe that true wellness is about more than just the absence of dis-ease. It’s about  feeling vibrant, connected, and fully alive. Afterall, everyone is gifted with the capacity of better feeling rather  than just feeling better. 

There are huge benefits to gain when we feel safe, and we belong to a tribe or community. A sense of trust,  connection, and a willingness to express our hearts enables us to know and love ourselves and others and  through this we expand and grow. We have two monthly offerings to support you to do this: 

Our monthly Women Circles are led by Zoe and follow a different theme each month. Through guided  discussions, group activities, and energy-balancing exercises, we explore these themes in depth, helping you  to gain insights, tools, and strategies that you can apply to your own life. In this safe and supportive space  women come together, share their stories, create and support each other on their journeys. 

Our Women Circles are held on the 4th Thursday of each month from 7pm – 8.45pm Located at Marou.Home, 25-29 McKeon St Maroubra.  

Our next Women Circle called “Tree of Me” is on Thursday 28 March. You can book your tickets here. 

Café Conversations are a monthly free offering for men and women to enjoy a cuppa while engaging in  meaningful discussions. These informal gatherings are a great way to connect, share your experiences, and  learn from each other in a welcoming environment. Zoe will share her knowledge so you will walk 

away with  tips and tools to support you and your family, and maybe make a new bestie!

Café Conversations are on the 1st Friday of each month at 4pm – 5pm 

Located at The Daily Dose Café, 29 Canara Ave La Perouse.  

Our next Café Conversation is Friday 5th April. They’re free but please register your attendance here. 

Contact Zoe to learn more about our services and groups. Remember, Zoe supports men, women, teens, and  children in person, online and in group settings. There are also new offerings in the pipeline, so reach out  and start your journey to wellness, connection, and empowerment today with Zode Kinesiology. 

Zoe Jack



phone: 0414 566 456