Hi there, my name is Emira, founder of My Little Artist. Until recently I was a senior leader in the corporate world, juggling being a mother of 2 gorgeous girls, leader, and wife, while trying to find some ‘me’ time. Work life imbalance as I used to call it.

So I took the challenge and quit the corporate world to do something that I’m passionate about, thus was born ‘My Little Artist’.

I had drawers filled with my daughters’ artwork and never had time to even look through them. I hated the clutter yet just couldn’t throw them away, then came up with the idea of preserving them with these amazing books.

I am someone that is about quality vs quantity and proudly stand by the quality and design of them!

My Little Artist gathers your child’s artwork and transforms them into beautifully designed books. Each unique to you!

My Little Artist gathers your child’s artwork, just hop onto the website and follow your  nose. We then transform them  into to beautifully designed books. Each Unique to you. A fantastic way to clear away all the artwork clutter from drawers and boxes. 

One of the most memorable stories for us, was from a family with a child with special needs. His artwork was just lovely!  His mother included the first time he wrote his name, Mother’s Day cards, craft objects etc. Her reaction upon receiving the book, was so heartfelt, so real. It made what we do here at My Little Artist so much more valuable and enjoyable! We love hearing the feedback from families once they receive their book. The quality and design is just beautiful!

I would love nothing more to take that clutter from you and to turn those memories into your own unique magical book.

Learn how easy My little Artist Book are made:


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