Who actually keeps all those hundreds of drawings their children make?! Sure, they might hang on the fridge for a minute, but what happens next? Bad-parent guilt kicks in when the mounds of paper get stashed away in some forgotten drawer, or (heaven forbid) your little one stumbles upon them in the bin.

Well, that’s where KeepArt comes in. KeepArt  is the perfect solution to eliminate your art clutter, preserve your child’s artwork and showcase their creativity in all its glory. We’ll transform your child’s unique, boundless imagination into a beautiful custom art book.

More Than Just Preserving Childhood Memories

As a mum, you cherish every piece of art your child creates. From the first scribble to the intricate masterpieces, their drawings, handwriting, paintings, and crafty creations hold a special place in your heart. But with the growing collection of artwork, it becomes challenging to store and preserve these precious memories.

At KeepArt we’re on a mission to help save parents time, clear their clutter, and capture memories. But we’re not just about benefiting parents, we believe the real winners are the kids. When a child sees their artwork published in their very own art book, it sparks a wave of confidence and pride that’s immeasurable.

How KeepArt Works

We make the process simple and do all the hard work for you.

Step 1: Order & Send In Your Art
Start by purchasing an art book based on the number of art pieces you’d like to showcase. We’ll then

send you a KeepArt kit, complete with a pre-paid shipping label. Simply fill the kit with your child’s artwork and send it back to us.

Step 2: Photography & Editing

Our team of professionals will photograph each piece of art and edit the images to showcase them in their best light. We ensure every detail, from the bold strokes to the tiniest splatters, is captured beautifully.

Step 3: Design & Digital Proof

We’ll craft a thoughtful, classic design for your custom art book. Before we go to print, you’ll receive digital proofs to review and approve, ensuring you’re happy with the final book.

 I can highly recommend this product if you are looking for a unique and special way to treasure your kids artwork! – Lana M (KeepArt Customer)

The KeepArt Story And Where It All Began

Hi there! I’m Lisa the owner of KeepArt. I’m a mum of two sweet boys, originally from London but now calling the beautiful city of Sydney home. 

As a parent, I understand the sentimental value of every piece of art your child creates. My eldest son loves making pictures and bringing home his creations from daycare. But as my collection of his art grew, I realised I needed a better way to store and preserve those memories.

Using my 10+ years of experience in marketing and design, I created a keepsake art book with my favourite pieces. It was a fab solution for me, but honestly the BEST part was when he saw his art book for the first time! Seeing the pride and joy on his face inspired me to share this experience with other parents and that’s when the idea for KeepArt was born.

So, with my passion for design and a sprinkle of mum magic, I’d love to transform your heartfelt creations into keepsakes for you and your loved ones. Whether you’re flipping through the pages of a professionally designed book, filled with your child’s creations, or admiring a beautiful masterpiece on your wall, I want you to feel like you’re not just looking at art—you’re looking at your family’s story, your little one’s creative journey, and a legacy of love.

Join the KeepArt Family

Visit www.keepart.com.au to learn more about how we can help you turn your child’s artwork into beautiful keepsakes. Explore our keepsakes collection and discover the magic of preserving your child’s creativity with KeepArt. A clutter free home without the guilt is just a click away!