Dance costs a lot…but it isn’t expensive. It’s an investment. Plus when you include the uniform, the shoes, the costumes and the tickets, it’s even more. But it’s not expensive, it’s an investment and it’s worth it for the benefits of dance.

The skills and lessons learnt in dance classes are invaluable in your child’s life. Over the past 25 plus years of teaching ballet I have seen children grow into the most spectacular humans. I sincerely believe their journey through dance contributed to this.

First, there’s the obvious benefits – musicality, posture, coordination and, well, the ability to dance!

But then there’s the not so obvious! The social, physical, emotional and mental skills that will carry your child through their schooling and into a successful adulthood.

Young children who are regularly engaged in physical activities such as dance demonstrate cognitive benefits including literacy and numeracy. They also show improved attention, increased capacity to problem solve and better ability to manage their own emotions.

Physically, there are many obvious benefits of dancing – increased flexibility, improved posture and enhanced rhythm & coordination. Dance has been proven to physically increase bone density, and improve both fine and gross motor skills. Your child will also develop longer, stronger, leaner muscles.

There are also social benefits of dance! Getting your child off screens and into a dance studio is just one. Your child will develop a sense of pride in their own work therefore cultivating a strong work ethic that they will carry throughout life. Your child will learn to work as part of a team, they will learn when and how to lead as well as the appropriate times to be led. And, so importantly, your child’s dance friendships will blossom.

The lessons learnt in dance classes will also help your child at school. Toddlers who learn dance in a structured (and creative!!) environment learn skills that translate directly to classroom etiquette. When they reach Kindergarten they will have a great understanding of teamwork, patience, the ability to concentrate, respect for taking turns and be able to follow instructions.

Here are my top 5 reasons (out of the many many reasons) your child should dance:

  1. Learning to dance increases gross and fine motor skills
  2. Performing on stage and in class can boost your child’s self esteem and positively impact their confidence
  3. Learning to dance enhances your child’s understanding of their body giving them a more positive & healthy connection to their physical well being
  4. Setting and achieving goals becomes second nature to kids who dance throughout their childhood
  5. Dancing gives your child (especially your teen!) a chance to switch off the outside world completely, forget their troubles and pressures and just totally be in the moment. (Mums, that’s good for us too!)

But, I also suggest you find the right dance school for you! You might like something more competitive or more laid back, a studio with a uniform or not, you might be looking for casual classes or something more structured. Find the one that suits you.

Look for the right fit for your family – but these are the non-negotiables when finding a studio:

  • A Child Safety Plan with all teachers & employees holding their Working With Children Checks
  • Choreography that has age appropriate moves
  • Costumes that are age appropriate
  • Qualified teachers who understand child development and are committed to safe dance practices

If you’ve been looking for a new activity for your child, try dance!

And if you’re looking for a family friendly studio, try Academy Ballet.

About the author:

Sinead Vidler is the Director of Academy Ballet, an inclusive ballet school for kids located at The Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park. Sinead has been teaching for over 25 years and is dedicated to creating an environment that cares for individual students. Looking out for the physical, emotional and spiritual development of all her students. All staff at Academy Ballet are trained in safe dance practices and have child safety at the forefront of every class.

The studio itself has a highly regarded 40 year history and was one of the first RAD ballet schools in Australia. Sinead Vidler, also a former student of AB, leads a team of internationally acclaimed ballet instructors, dedicated to seeing your child’s technique and character flourish. Their teachers equip your child with the skills to reach their full potential in a safe and welcoming environment where every dancer belongs.

Ballet classes for kids with a focus on progress, not perfection, where we strive only to be better than the person we were yesterday.

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