In our busy lives, full of tasks and distractions, many of us often forget to relax and take care of ourselves. We spend most of our time indoors, surrounded by computers and artificial lights, which can make us feel not so great mentally.

But here’s the good news: spending time in green spaces can help! Whether you’re walking in the park, exploring the woods, or just enjoying the sunshine outside, being in nature has lots of benefits for your mental wellbeing. Studies have proved that being in natural environments can help calm anxiety and better focus, lower stress, fresh thoughts, and make us feel happier and healthier overall.

This article will give you insights into how spending time in nature can boost your mental well-being. By understanding the positive effects of green spaces on our minds, we can choose to include more natural time in our lives to be happier and healthier.

Less stress, less anxiety

Whether you do it because you have to or you simply love plants, working with natural beings will inevitably add to your comfort. It’s one thing to work on your computer or play something on your tablet and a different thing to leave technology behind.

You could be potting a plant or perhaps reading a book while surrounded by plants. It’s not always the fresh aroma because many plants don’t even smell. Many times, it’s just the idea of life. Simply looking at green plants will reduce anxiety and stress.

These plants require regular care and maintenance, and if you don’t have enough time then, you can also opt for artificial flowering plants. The effect is the same.

Better focus and attention

It’s been scientifically proven that being surrounded by plants or flowers will naturally increase your capability to focus. The effects are just as impressive among kids.

Indeed, the effects are slightly better in a natural plant when compared to an artificial one. But at the end of the day, most people would feel better surrounded by greenery, rather than random solid art.

Having too many plants around could also provide the opposite effect, as they’ll require constant care and maintenance. With these thoughts in mind, artificial plants may seem like a better option. They look great and offer similar effects.

Fresh air, fresh thoughts

You won’t always experience the fresh air associated with fresh plants. While the air is definitely cleaner, the truth is you may not always notice the difference straight away. However, that doesn’t mean your body is in the same place.

Being exposed to fresh air will clear your thoughts. It will refresh your brain and make you feel better, more productive or relaxed, depending on what you’re doing.

Artificial plants may not always have this direct effect, but having them around will add to the placebo effect. In other words, knowing that you may feel better will actually make you feel that way.

Better moods

Imagine yourself surrounded by furniture, paperwork, computers, gadgets; you name it. Then, imagine yourself in a simple office or room with just the basics, as well as lots of plants around you. You don’t have to be a genius to realize the second option will make you feel better.

It’s not always a physical thing, but the result will also affect your mental wellbeing, meaning you’ll enjoy better moods.

Boost your immune system

Research has proved that spending time in nature can make your immune system stronger against any diseases. These plants aren’t just pleasure to look at but phytoncides, magical compounds released by them, play a main role in boosting your wellbeing. 

By inhaling these organic wonders, your body activates a defense system, enhancing the power of white blood cells to combat diseases. 

Indoor life becomes a pleasure

Indoor life is often associated with dust, tough air, smog, you name it. That’s the reason wherefore so many people go for walks or hang out in parks. While they can’t necessarily explain it, they know they feel better refreshing themselves in such locations.

Adding plants to your indoor life will take you halfway there.

While you don’t necessarily need to turn your home into a botanical garden, a few plants here and there will bring in lots of benefits, mainly to your mood, satisfaction, productivity and feeling of happiness. Surrounding yourself with greenery, be it natural or artificial) makes indoor life more enjoyable.

Better sleep

Spending time in nature not only boosts your immune system but also plays a significant role in improving your sleep. Moreover, the exposure to natural light and fresh air in green spaces can positively impact your circadian rhythm. 

This, in turn, helps regulate your sleep-wake cycle, promoting a healthier pattern of rest and wakefulness.  

In conclusion, surrounding yourself with greenery can do wonders for your mental wellbeing. Whether it’s reducing stress and anxiety, improving your focus, or boosting your overall mood, plants have a powerful effect on how you feel. They can even help strengthen your immune system, making you more resilient to diseases. 

Additionally, spending time in nature can enhance the quality of your sleep by regulating your internal body clock. By incorporating green spaces into your life, you can create a more enjoyable and healthier environment for yourself, leading to a happier and more balanced lifestyle.