TAKING THE AWKWARD OUT OF THE BIRDS AND THE BEESThere are few conversations more dreaded or awkward than discussing sex with your children. But local father Dave Hartmann, and his best mate Justin Sweeting, are changing that. Through their book ‘The Birds And The Bees And Giraffes That Drink Wee’, the duo present a refreshingly hilarious way of broaching this often cringe-worthy subject -by exploring the crazy and comical ways that many animals mate.

All the while helping kids conclude for themselves that not only is sex natural and something all creatures do, but thankfully, human sex is in fact the most normal of them all!“Like so many parents, Dave and I had the best intentions to frame sex in a positive light for our kids, but equally, suffered from the acute clumsiness and blushing incompetence of getting that right in practice,” says Justin. “So to save our own skins we looked for a more approachable angle to serve as the ultimate kick starter for this all important conversation”.The result is a book which meets children where they are, through a comical and masterfully illustrated journey through the animal kingdom. Discovering such weird and wild mating rituals as poo-firing hippos, bees whose testicals explode and parrots that drink each other’s vomit, the reader is drawn to realise that not only is sex natural, but it is far more pleasant for us humans.

“Unfortunately most of the existing material out there makes the topic even more insanely uncomfortable”, adds Dave. “So we created ‘The Birds and the Bees and Giraffes that Drink Wee’ to help change that. To replace all that weirdness with some disarming hilarity and make it a conversation that both kids and parents will be happy to have.”Fun for kids and an ice-breaking godsend for grown ups, both are guaranteed to laugh and learn a lot.For any parent who is dreading the infamous ‘talk’, or just wants an entertaining and enlightening read with their child -you can buy The Birds And The Bees And Giraffes That Drink Wee at all good bookstores or online here –www.boolarongpress.com.au

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