Sydney Vegan Market is your ultimate destination for all things plant based, cruelty-free & vegan. From fresh food to home wares to coffee to fashion, whether you’re selling, buying or browsing, we have you covered.

Sydney Vegan Market is different. We have designed our event to embody and capture an experience unlike any other and have created a go-to event that highlights the wonders of cruelty-free living, celebrates the strength of community and offers up a damn good day, every single month!

Sydney Vegan Market (SVM) is proudly presented by Vegan NSW, a community based charity with a simple mission – to promote veganism, support vegans and the vegan movement.

Running on the third Sunday of every month with free entry, live music, free yoga, kids art space,  and heaps of amazing vegan food and shopping stalls, SVM is an inclusive space where vegan creators can connect with like-minded consumers, where the community can find quality, ethically made products and where those who are interested in veganism can see just how easy it can be.

The Vegan Markets carry a range of products like fresh food, beverages, fashion, homewares, skincare, ecoware and cosmetics, SVM explores the incredible diversity that local vegan makers prepare and present, and with a major focus on food, SVM showcases menus from every corner of the earth!

Open from 9am – 4pm.

Running on the third Sunday of every month at The Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park, SVM is your ultimate destination for all things plant based, cruelty-free & vegan. From fresh food to home wares to coffee to fashion, whether you’re selling, buying or browsing, we have you covered.

SVM is an inclusive space where creators of vegan food, products and services can connect to like-minded consumers, where the vegan community can find quality, ethically made vegan products and where those who are interested in veganism can see just how easy it can be.

Alongside up to 100 vegan stalls, we program a slew of entertainment and activities for our visitors to enjoy, from free yoga to the entertainment all day long. Local vegan musicians to the front!!

We are lucky enough to see over 8K+ visitors (& their dogs!) each month so come early, BYO containers, cups and picnic rugs, grab a spot under a tree and spend the day at SVM.

The who and why

There is a shift in awareness happening right now, can you feel it?

Never before have we seen such a rise in the availability of vegan and plant-based products, with supermarkets now offering exclusive ranges and shelves filled with a variety of products for vegans and the vegan friendly.

Words like compassionate, ethical and conscious are everywhere, the world is becoming aware of how and what we are consuming, and the impacts of our choices. Just recently, the NSW Government announced a wide spread ban on single use plastics. It’s an exciting time for the planet!

Vegan NSW launched  SVM in November 2017 with the aim to promote this shift in awareness, support the vegan community, and provide a safe place for the vegan curious to land.


There is a growing body of research that shows a well balanced vegan diet is not only healthy for all age groups, it also uses much less water and land compared with diets that contain animals and animal products. This research also shows that the animal agriculture industry is the leading cause of global warming and climate change.

SVM takes this one step further by banning single use plastics, and using compostable serviceware that is collected and sent to a commercial composting facility.

SVM also utilises a 100% solar powered main stage and speaker system!

Community Building

For 7 years, SVM has been the meeting place for the vegan community of NSW and beyond. Each month we welcome thousands of people from all corners of the state; from the far reaches of Newcastle, Wollongong, and the Blue Mountains. Many have said that SVM is their happy and safe place.


Vegan NSW relies  on volunteers for almost everything we do, whether it’s running our amazing events, advocating for animals, or supporting people to live their best vegan life. It’s all about the vegan movement growing and thriving, and our volunteers are essential for this. At each event we offer over 50 opportunities for volunteering from event operations, stall management, social media and marketing, research, admin and more.

Local economy

Many well known local vegan brands have launched at SVM, and have built on their customer base month to month, using SVM as an innovative incubation space for new product testing, brand awareness and face-to-face customer engagement. This has created a hub for the local economy to thrive.


With a shift in awareness there comes the need for knowledge, and SVM aims to educate through The Hub. A volunteer run stall that provides responsible information and support to vegans and the vegan curious.


The 100% solar powered main stage at SVM brings the event to life through a robust program of DJs, musicians and performers. From techno to break dancing, and folk to pole dancers, the main stage helps to support local creatives, whilst adding vibe and fun site wide.


The Mindful Movement space brings together key elements of exercise and mindfulness through yoga, pilates and meditation.  We prioritise at least one free yoga or meditation class at every event. Run by vegan practitioners, it is a collective healing precinct within an otherwise bustling event, allowing time and space for self connection and relaxation.


The development of an all ages, all abilities art space connects the community through creativity and networking. With an emphasis on early childhood learning, and parent connection, we aim to bring kids and adults together through art and activism.

Head down to The Entertainment Quarter on he 3rd Sunday of every month, for your next chance to enjoy the Sydney Vegan Markets.

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