Let’s Ride Sydney

The only time you get to ride on the Sydney Harbour Bridge main deck!

The 37th annual Spring Cycle, founded by Bicycle NSW is returning to Sydney after two years of cancellations and lockdowns due to COVID-19. 

Taking place on Sunday 16th October, the event offers participants of all levels and ages the opportunity to cycle through Sydney streets and take in the city’s most iconic sites, including the world famous Sydney Harbour Bridge

And guess what? You get to cycle across the Sydney Harbour Bridge traffic free. 

This cycling course is for anyone, any age, any ability… Spring Cycle will be accessible to all by bike, including children and adults with a disability. 

Get creative with your cycling this year: Tandem bikes, unicycle, sidecar, all are welcome! So grab your tassels, flame stickers, bells and whistles to rollout in style. 

Now hundreds of people of all ages and abilities can participate in the 10km City Ride, or the 50km Classic Ride. 

The 10km City Ride takes riders over the Harbour Bridge, along the Cahill Expressway and through the CBD on closed roads, finishing up in the heart of Darling Harbour. 

Whilst the 50km Classic Ride offers riders the chance to meander through the diverse Inner West and finishing in Sydney Olympic Park. 

If you’re ready for an amazing community experience, then head to our website and purchase your ticket for NSW’s largest family friendly (and Covid safe) recreational bike ride. 

We’ll see you there!