Alphabetical Sydney

20-26 September


Ages 4+

Cost from $29 | $8.95 booking fee applies per transaction

Combining puppetry, theatre, songs and creative play with irresistible music by Greta Gertler Gold, Alphabetical Sydney: All Aboard! is a celebration of all that makes this city unique.

Inspired by the best-selling picture book, climb aboard the tour bus to discover your Sydney, one letter at a time. The charming guides, a chaotic Ibis and order-loving Nanna will take us on a whirlwind adventure.


Paper Planet

23 September – 7 October


Ages 3+

Cost $10 

Children and their grown-ups are invited into a large-scale forest of cardboard trees and after exploring the space, they add to this strange and delicate planet using only paper, tape and their imaginations. Theatre and play merge in this magical place, as creatures, plants, costumes, characters, stories and adventures spring to life.

Paper Planet grows through this paper nature play as more families visit, and every session is truly unique as imaginations go wild. Children choose how they interact with the performers and with other children; some children find themselves absorbed in quiet making, and others prefer to play and explore.


What the Ocean Said

2 – 3 September

Centre for Creativity

Ages 4+

Cost $25 | $8.95 booking fee applies per transaction

What The Ocean Said is a relaxing storytelling experience for children and their grown-ups. You are invited to relax in a sea of pillows amidst a magical space of calm. Follow the journey of a humpback whale diving deep into the water, and expanding into the reaches of the ocean itself. With mindfulness techniques wrapped up in a storytime adventure, you can introduce younger children to meditation and offer bigger kids a whole new perspective.