On Saturday 4 November the Australian Conservation Foundation will host a children’s art showcase  at Bondi Pavilion to celebrate the southern right whale. 

“Southern right whales can be seen off the coast from Sydney from June to August as they head north  to breed in warmer waters,” said Stephen Lightfoot, leader of ACF Community Eastern Sydney. 

“In July we had a wonderful whale watching event which more than 80 people attended and a kids art  class supported by a local business.  

“Kids drew pictures of the southern right whale and submitted them to ACF’s Wild at Art competition  – Australia’s biggest wildlife art competition for children. 

“Come along to celebrate the amazing artistic talents of local kids and learn more about how you can  help the southern right whale. 

“We’ll have an arts and crafts station where you can help make a banner celebrating the beautiful  creatures we love and you’ll hear from some wonderful speakers who are working hard to protect  nature in our backyard.” 

Images of the kids’ southern right whale artworks are here (OK for publication). ACF’s nature campaigner, Peta Bulling, said:  

“Young people care deeply about extinction and climate change.  

“Wild at Art gives young Aussies a stage to express their concerns about nature through some stunning  paintings and drawings.  

“This year’s entries show young people love nature and are demanding better protection for our  unique species and the habitats they need to survive.” 

This exhibition was made possible with support from Waverley Council. 

All the winning entries are here: https://www.acf.org.au/wild-at-art-winners-23 Entries specifically depicting southern right whales are here.  

Event details: Saturday 4 November, 1pm to 4pm, at Bondi Pavilion