South Coogee Family Childcare Service is located at 33 Tucabia Street, South Coogee, NSW, 2034.  The centre provides a unique, nurturing environment – in a family-like setting and is dual lingual English and Russian. The goal of South Coogee Childcare is to help develop happy, intelligent, well-adjusted children. Here you will find a nurturing, educational environment for children of ages 6 months to 5 years. The service provides wonderful quality of care and education for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Luda Fertman manager and founder of South Coogee Family Day cares says,

At our Service we have spaces that cater to requirements of children across different age groups. All rooms are spacious, warm and welcoming – all with and plentiful toys, games, audio-visual and other educational equipment.

Our extensive, well-planned programs cover both indoor and outdoor experiences, where children have a variety of choices available to them – they can play by themselves, with another child or a small group, with or without an educator.

Our large outdoor area is an important part of our learning approach. We grow herbs to learn about planting, caring for and using herbs in the preparation of food. We have a Worm Farm, to encourage good practice and discussion around re-use and recycling of food scraps. We also regularly use our outdoor area for art and craft, aiding in the development of gross motor skills.

The following paragraphs describe the learning approach and facilities for each age group.

Younger children: 6 months – 2 years:

We pay particular attention to ensuring that the child’s home routine is followed. We place high value on being in continuous touch with the children’s parents and families – to provide feedback and to align expectations during this important formative period in a child’s life.

All of our younger children participate in learning experiences that include reading stories, listening to nursery rhymes, early art and craft experiences and outdoor exploration.

For toddlers, being independent at meal times and being able to follow educator is strongly supported and encouraged. We focus on providing quality learning experiences that reflect your child’s current interests and their skills and abilities.

Children’s family input is highly valued, as we regularly involve family members in our program customisation. Families join us for social events – the family members are always welcome (and encouraged:-) to read stories to the children, share holiday experiences and help with cooking .

Our transitional environment from toddler to pre-school provides great preparation for pre-school.

Pre-school: 3 – 5 years:

Learning experiences are planned from regular observations, children’s individual interests and parents’ input. We provide a balance between structured activities and opportunities for children to make choices, to ensure that when children transition to school they are eager, capable and motivated learners.

At the core of our preschool program are the five outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) – please refer to the EYLF five outcomes in the CURRICULUM section under the “About Us” tab.

At our Service, children will experience an educational and fun environment. Through choice, challenge and practice, they will continue to develop independent exploration, grow in self-confidence and self-identity – all designed to better prepare them for the school environment and beyond.

Our preschool children are introduced to computers and other audio-visual experiences, with a variety of literacy and maths applications for children to develop their skills. Our Service has dedicated laptops and iPads which are used daily for our programming and progress reporting.

Children are regularly exposed to computer skills, letter and number recognition, early science and maths concepts and other aspects of general knowledge.

Preparation for School:

We run a school readiness program for children that are within 12 months of starting school. The program is designed to help provide them with confidence, skills and independence that will be required at school.

Nutrition at Our Service

Our delicious Menu is designed to meet the needs of growing children – by providing them with wholesome, healthy and nutritious meals, prepared daily from quality ingredients.

Our varied daily menus satisfy the appetites of children – helping to provide nourishment for their growing bodies and developing minds – all with emphasis on nutritional and energy requirements, as well as cultural and health needs.

We are able to cater to diverse dietary preferences and requirements, including vegetarian, as well as various allergies (nut, egg, dairy).

Founder Luda Ferryman say: Engagement with the families of children in my care is also a high priority at the Service. I recognise that parents are the first and primary teachers for the children. The family’s everyday communication and input to the program at my service is therefore essential to meeting individual children’s needs. I maintain Digital Learning Journals – whereby each child’s individual journal will include observations of the child’s developing abilities, strengths, interests and emerging skills. I collect photos, work samples and learning stories to document each child’s learning and involvement in the curriculum over the year – regularly sharing the updates with parents. I place particular emphasis on daily ongoing interactions with parents / primary carers – however brief or informal.

For more information contact Luda on: 04 24 182 274