Sick of the sunscreen battle with the kids Heres some help

Welcome to Crazy Arms.

Let’s start with some facts. The scary truth is that two out of three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they are seventy. A lesser known fact is that – according to QUT research– “UV exposure during a person’s first 18 years of life was the most critical for cancer-causing skin damage”. And finally one fact all parents are all too aware of. Getting kids to put on sunscreen every day and then reapplying every two hours, can be a real battle.

It was this problem that prompted three Sydney dads – yes dads! – to come up with Crazy Arms. UPF 50+ sun protective sleeves that kids will want to wear.

Conceived over coffee in the North End Cafe in Maroubra, and made in Australia, Crazy Arms are being launched during National Skin Cancer Action Week (19-25 Nov), as a new option to help keep kids safe from the harmful UV rays. “Our goal is to create a product that kids want to wear. We developed a range of Crazy Arms designs for ages 5 -11. Everything from dinosaurs to graphic skulls, appealing to different age groups and interests,” explains Design Dad, Stephen.

Importantly, the product delivers. Months of research led to a light-weight, two-way-stretch, chlorine-resistant, breathable fabric that was tested to be UPF 50+. “We were keen to take a responsible approach, and the econyl® fabric we use is made from recycled nylon, such as the ghost fishing nets that litter the ocean” added Sourcing Dad, Jason. “And we donate $2.50 for each pair of Dolphin Crazy Arms we sell to , to help keep up their good work.”

The printing and manufacturing of Crazy Arms is all being done here in Australia. Initial sales are through the website, . The team have also been out at the local markets, selling product and getting feedback from customers.

Marketing Dad, Martin, reports: “Parents relate to the benefits of the products as an alternative to sunscreen. Arms are about 30% of the exposed skin area when kids are in school or sports uniforms, which means a significant reduction in the amount of sunscreen used. However it’s the reaction of the kids that’s most important. They love the designs and the feel of the product. It’s like dress-up with a purpose”

Crazy Arms are available in plain colours and pattern designs, available in two sizes to fit children 5 -11 years old, and start from $27.50 per pair. Order online at .