Get ready for a feather-filled escapade this April #SchoolHolidays! Join Richard at your local cinema as he journeys through Northern Africa, facing marabous, a greedy peacock, and a mysterious riddle to find the Great Jewel. Teamwork, trust, and spork skills will save the day. Adventure awaits!

Richard, a sparrow who was adopted by a stork family, is wintering at the Great Lake in Northern Africa. When he realises that he won’t be the one to lead his flock back North, Richard decides to fly away to travel on his own and crosses paths with Samia and her sparrow flock, who are being held captive by evil marabous under the control of the greedy peacock Zamano.

The only chance of freedom for the sparrows is to solve a riddle and find the Great Jewel, which will call upon teamwork, trust and most of all- spork (sparrow + stork) skills.