Just as with interior design and fashion, there are garden design trends, with certain plants or styles of landscapes falling in and out of vogue, depending on the season. The truth is that designing your perfect garden can be tricky, and chances are you may be not quite sure where to start. Of course, as far as landscaping and gardens are concerned, it is up to every individual to choose what is best for their space. However, equally as important is the need to stay on top of the game by tuning in to the latest horticultural designs and trends that will allow you to make the best use of your outdoor space. 

Looking to update a tired garden landscape with some of the latest outdoor trends and designs? Look no further. Today, we review 5 garden design trends that are predicted to take over Sydney garden landscapes in 2023, so read on to find out more. 

  • Water Features Remain A Hot Favourite

Over the last couple of years, one of the most popular trending ideas in garden design has been the inclusion of a water feature in backyards, outdoor spaces and home gardens. Along with the obvious aesthetic benefits and focal point that a water feature can bring to any garden, many Sydneysiders are choosing to incorporate running water in their garden design to provide individuality to the landscape and conserve water, which not only is beneficial for finances but the environment as well. Some even believe that a water feature can attract good luck and positivity, all whilst enhancing your garden’s beauty and bringing peace and joy to your home. 

Moreover, a water feature is a great way to block out noise and create a soothing atmosphere, especially in homes that are situated close to the hustle and bustle of the city. If you are thinking of investing in your garden, the good news is that you can find numerous outdoor water features online

  • Outdoor Living Helps You Make The Most Of Your Garden Space 

Your home garden is so much more than just a space to plant beautiful flowers and homegrown produce. In fact, the alfresco lifestyle is very trendy right now, with many Sydney homeowners now looking towards turning their outdoor spaces into an all-rounded spot for dining, entertaining and relaxing. Although the term ‘alfresco’ may sound fancy, it is actually pretty straightforward to implement this style in your home garden. For starters, investing in some quality outdoor furniture is a must. Depending on the size of your garden, you have the option of choosing a full-sized outdoor dining table, or simply a two-seater alfresco dining set up if space is a luxury. 

Other additions for the ultimate outdoor living space include (but are not limited to), cantilever umbrellas for shade, outdoor kitchen units, hammocks, patio stools and more. Another great idea is to install an outdoor fire pit so that you can still fully utilise your outdoor space after it gets dark and even during the cooler months of the year. At the end of the day, dapple designs can help you to curate a gorgeous, liveable, and comfortable garden space to enjoy with friends and family.

  • Modern Backyard Landscapes For A Contemporary Touch

While Sydney has many older homes whose front facades are subject to strict council and building regulations, homeowners are now choosing to modernise their garden landscapes and backyards to add a touch of contemporary design into the home space. We are noticing a meteoric rise in Sydneysiders mixing their garden planting styles to include a mixture of traditional, tropical and native plants shaped with a modern twist. Cloud pruning and topiary gardens are also currently trending to create a trendy, eastern-inspired landscape right in the middle of any Sydney suburb. In terms of design, modern flooring options such as tiles, stone plank paving and gravel chippings are now regularly being used to create a seamless pathway from the home to the bottom of the garden, creating a laid-back yet sophisticated space that is perfect for gardening, entertaining and relaxing. 

Explore more modern garden landscape ideas here

  • Herb & Vegetable Gardens To The Rescue

Herb and vegetable gardens are another trend that will become more prominent in 2023, as the cost of living crisis continues to rock our worlds. With more and more Aussies struggling to keep up with ever-increasing grocery bills, we expect to see more people dabbling in growing their own produce in the comfort of backyards and home gardens. Aside from saving you a ton on grocery bills, the beauty of growing your own herbs and vegetables is that you get to control how your food is grown. This means ditching pesticides and chemicals, in favour of organically grown food that you can be proud to feed your family with. 

For smaller gardens, a great idea would be to look into container gardening. This is when plants are grown in large pots or containers rather than into the ground. If space is not an issue, consider investing in some raised garden beds which you can easily find at any local nursery or hardware store. Although it may take more effort in the initial stages, raised beds are often more productive than growing your produce in the ground because the soil is less compacted, has better drainage, and warms earlier in the spring — meaning that plants will start to grow earlier in the season. 

  • Vertical Gardening For Greening Courtyards & Balconies

While the vertical gardening trend isn’t something new, it fills a modern-day need to provide space-saving focal interest to plain walls. As a result, it is no surprise that this form of upwards gardening is now all the rage amongst Sydney homeowners who are looking to maximise garden space, beautify courtyards, and disguise unsightly fences. If you have a bare wall or unsightly boundary fence, a vertical garden is the perfect solution for jazzing up your space and providing a gorgeous focal point to draw the eye through a space. 

We love the idea of a green wall as a wonderful way to inject a bit of nature into a courtyard or balcony where there is no space to plant a conventional garden. As such, vertical gardening is a fantastic option for anyone who is living in a small Sydney apartment or townhouse that is lacking the square footage for a traditional garden setup. Depending on your needs, there are an array of green wall systems available that range from wall-mounted to freestanding and include plastic buckets, cells and bags. Vertical hydroponic gardens are also incredibly popular amongst homeowners or renters who are looking to grow organic produce where space is otherwise a constraint. 

And there you have it — 5 of the top garden design trends in Sydney for the upcoming year of 2023. After considering these popular gardening trends, you hopefully have some new ideas of which elements you would like to incorporate into your garden to make the most out of your outdoor space. 


What are some of your personal favourite garden design trends for 2023? Be sure to share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions in the comments section below!