Gymnastics All Stars is a new club providing classes for children aged between 2 and 12 in Ocean Street Bondi. We have both recreational classes ages 5 – 12  and kinder gym classes 2 – 5 years old.

As an ex competitive gymnast who trained and taught under the former Olympic coach Andre Rizzo, I was offered a job where I taught gymnastics to every child in various schools and was thrilled  to see that every child loved the program. What astounded me however, was the teachers and parents reports of the profound effect on every child’s physical, social and  mental development, thereby ensuring each child was reaching their full potential socially and at school.

Looking around in the competitive gymnastics clubs I noticed that the recreational kids and coaches were happy and the competitive kids looked serious. I realised that In competitive gymnastics there is only ever one winner, children learn “for me to win, you have to lose”. and that the failure they experience results in poorer self esteem and many children dropping out. A non-competitive class allows children to experience success through their personal best, resulting in high self-esteem and better friendships.

I noticed that our fun, safe classes encouraged  children to develop a life-long love for movement and  physical activity  transforming their self belief from I can’t to I can. They  thrived whilst being challenged in  age and ability appropriate classes with gymnastics coaches who put students safety first but made sure that children had so much fun they were begging for more turns.

Our FUN classes saw increases in children’s strength, skill and agility. Through proper skill progression and fundamental strength development our students are  undergoing  physical transformations, and experiencing those same transformative effects in other parts of their life.

We are now  providing  themed Kinder Gym classes based on early childhood learning which are highly structured, with skill-specific lesson plans designed to meet the developmental needs of each age group.  Preschoolers learn to socialise, follow simple directions and take turns, along with the myriad of different movements in a safe, fun and caring environment.

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Marianne Butler