Quick meals for the time poor

Let’s face it, life as a mum is chaotic. Juggling work with school drop offs, supermarket shopping, preparing healthy school lunches, catering for fussy eaters… finding that balance is a constant challenge. So when it comes to cooking quick meals for the family when you are particularly time poor, it’s important to keep it simple and easy. And remember – you don’t have to be perfect.

My motto at 28 is all about progress, not perfection. I know that it can be tough, but you should never completely neglect what you eat. Instead, remember that you’re only human and try to make the right choices for you and your family most of the time. Here are a few easy tips for the time poor when it comes to whipping up quick and healthy meals, as well as three of my favourite super speedy recipes

Keep it simple. When you’re strapped for time, it’s likely cooking something elaborate will be the last thing on your agenda. My advice is to keep it simple and don’t worry about being too adventurous with your meals. When you cook simple meals with real and fresh ingredients – trust me, the ingredients will speak for themselves!

Know your go to’s. At my place we always have a few of my favourite recipes on regular rotation. This takes the stress out of cooking time as we know exactly what’s on the menu and it also makes food shopping for the week that much easier.

Stock up on the staples. Whether its brown rice, quinoa, beans or soba noodles – stockpiling long-life ingredients to have on hand is a life saver when you’re strapped for time.

Befriend your freezer. Maximise those opportunities you do have to cook by preparing meals in bulk to store in the freezer. This means you’ll always have something on hand when you’re strapped for time.

Here are some of my favourite quick meals to whip together when I’m after something healthy but when the clock is ticking.




Sesame Salmon Noodles



Easy Cobb Salad



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