The Waverly Council has several designated areas for on-leash and off-leash dog walking. Each location has signs to indicate this. Dog owners are responsible for acknowledging appropriate signage.

Unless signposted otherwise or a prohibited area under the NSW Animal Companion ActThis external link will open in a new window, dogs are allowed on leash across the Waverley Area.

Dog litter bag dispensers are available at all off-leash parks, however we recommend always carrying dog bags with you when you’re walking your dog, to ensure you don’t get caught out.

Find out more about your responsibility as a dog owner here.


.Varna Park

Varna Park
Varna St, WaverleyThe eastern end of the park is a designated off-leash area. An open area, surrounded by seating,trees and plenty of shade.The playground at the western end of the park is a popular play spot for children, so it’s important that dog walkers have effective control of their dogs at all times.

No dogs allowed near playground

Raleigh Reserve

Raleigh Reserve
Raleigh St, Dover HeightsA long stretch across the reserve which runs along the cliff walk and provides scenic ocean views. Seating available throughout the reserve.

Dogs need to be on-leash prior to entering the reserve, including Rodney Reserve at the northern end, and avoid the sports field when marked out.

Diamond Bay

Diamond Bay Reserve
Craig Ave, VaucluseA spectacular setting, Diamond Bay Reserve has a 24 hour off-leash dog exercise area. Dogs are to remain on-leash for the remainder of the cliff walk. Limited shade available.

Dickson Park

Dickson Park
Wellington St, Bondi

The top section of the park is a 24 hour dog exercise area. However, dog walkers need to avoid the sports areas when sports are being played.

No dogs allowed near playground.

Council is currently working on some park improvements and expect the site will be updated over the coming months.  This will include better surfacing.

Hugh Bamford

Hugh Bamford Reserve
Military Rd, Dover Heights

The area west of the car park at Hugh Bamford Reserve is available to exercise dogs off-leash. Parking is free, and the area is ideal for small dogs. The site also provides great ocean views.

Council asks that dogs do not run on the sports fields, which is used by community groups throughout the year.

Waverley Park

Waverley Park
Bondi Rd, Bondi Junction

The top section of Waverley Park provides fantastic views and an open area to allow dogs to exercise off-leash. The area can be accessed via the staircase behind the playground, or up the hill on the south west corner. Seating available. Dogs must remain on-leash in all other areas of the park.

Dogs can’t go:

  • on the sports fields
  • near the children’s playground
  • near the BBQs
  • in the Memorial Gardens.

Queens Park

Queens Park
(Managed by Centennial Parklands)

Huge flat area, popular amongst the community for dog walking at all hours. Plenty of shade amongst surrounding trees.

Dogs not allowed on or near sports fields while in use. Dogs must also avoid the children’s playground area.

Timed dog off-leash areas

Marks Park

Marks Park
Fletcher St, Tamarama

Flat grassy area with good views north over Bondi Bay, south towards Coogee and east. Seating and shaded area available. Children’s playground on site, so dog owners must ensure dogs avoid this area. Dogs off leash allowed between 4.30pm and 8.30am daily. Dog off-leash arrangements suspended during Sculptures by the Sea period (approx. mid October – mid November annually).

Bronte Gully

Bronte Park
Bronte Rd, Bronte

Bronte Gully allows a great corridor for dog owners to exercise their dogs. A beautiful setting, dogs are allowed off-leash between 3pm and 10am daily. Dogs must be on-leash in all other areas of the park and gully.

Dogs can’t go:

  • near Bronte ocean pool
  • on the beach
  • within 10 metres of the children’s playground
  • near the BBQs.

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