Parenting Expert Online launches

In our busy modern lives its often very hard for parents to physically get easy access to parenting and health experts.

Often we feel overwhelmed about leaving the house to get to appointments when juggling a new baby, children, work and modern day life.

A new online expert service has recently launched Sage FM Parenting where parents can access health and parenting access online in the safety and comfort of your own home.

The service is a partnership with Eastern Suburbs Mums where local parents can get access to a group of local eastern suburbs parenting and child health experts.  So instead of trying to get to appointments you can chat to them via your laptop at home.

The local experts specialise in a variety of areas from breastfeeding support, baby and toddler sleep , paediatric dietician, child behaviour, perinatal support and mental health.  There is a even a couples counsellor which is a great idea for couples struggling but who find it hard to get to relationship counselling whilst juggling work and parenting.

How does it work?

1. Go to the Eastern Suburbs Mums local expert page

2. Search for the Sage Parenting Expert that you require and check if they are online or you can book a session in at a time that suits. You can also message them to see if they are suitable or not for no charge this is free.

3. Bookings are a minimum of 10mins, if you want to chat longer you just pay for that time.

One of the local experts IBCLC lactation consultant and midwife Lynne Hall who has been helping women breastfeed for over 20 years said the new online service is an excellent opportunity for her to help more women breastfeeding and get the support they need at often a vulnerable time.

“For many new mums just getting out of the house with a new baby to get breastfeeding support is extremely hard and overwhelming for them, also often they’ve had a hard night with an unsettled baby and the last thing they feel like is coming into a clinic.

The Sage FM Parenting online service helps make that process a whole lot easier and I encourage mums groups and fellow local parents to tell new mums that this service is available to them”said Lynne.