Closeup Of A Young Pregnant Woman Working On Laptop Sitting On Bed.

In what should be the happiest time in a woman’s life, many pregnant women are reporting it’s a time of increased anxiety as they prepare to give birth during the Coronavirus pandemic.

With pre-natal classes now cancelled, and limits placed on the number of support people allowed in birthing suites, it’s no surprise that parents-to-be are feeling a little anxious as they prepare to give birth.

In this digital age however, the online space can offer support, and means of connection, for expectant parents during this time on uncertainly.

– Take it online

Online Learning is a wonderful alternative when expectant parents can no longer attend hospital or birthing classes, and as a Doula, I’ve witnessed a huge increase in demand for online birth education classes since social distancing came into effect.

Expectant parents can feel safe in the knowledge that there are a number of credible online learning platforms like About Birth in which they can access information about labour and birth, as well as tools and resources to ensure that parents are equipped to welcome their little bundle of joy!

– Education = Knowledge = Power

Most people’s impression of birth is what we see in Hollywood movies, which is far from the reality. Very often, the birth process is one of panic, fear, confusion and intense screaming in true Hollywood style!

So understanding the process and understanding birth as a ‘normal physiological process’ helps reduce the fear of the unknown. Being educated will give you and your partner the skills and tools you need to have an empowering and positive birth experience and this can all be done from the comfort of your own home, so take some time to look into the online birth education resources that are currently available.

– Maintain connections

One of the advantages of living in the digital age is that, whilst we can’t physically see our loved ones, we can maintain connections quite easily.

Online forums and communities can be a wonderful way to still stay connected through this time, and they also provide the opportunity to speak to other pregnant women who are experiencing similar feelings.

Zoom and Facebook also provide opportunities for connection, so get creative and schedule virtual coffee dates and regular catch-ups with friends and family. Inviting loved ones to check in regularly can also help women not feel so isolated.

Remember, that whilst you might feel anxious during this time of uncertainty, there are plenty of online tools to support you during this magical journey of birth and parenthood.


Jules Brooks is a Childbirth Educator, Doula and Co-Creator of About Birth, Australia’s leading online birth education program. About Birth is a comprehensive online birth education program, endorsed by doctors and midwives and created by childbirth educators. The self-paced program is delivered by video modules and downloadable resources and covers everything a couple needs to know about giving birth, including the stages of labour, support, breathing, massage, positions, drugs, interventions, breast-feeding & more. Visit