It’s neither a secret nor a surprise that the beauty industry can be, well, superficial – not to mention painful.

But one Sydney practice is on a mission to change all this through the use of deep plastic facial massages to give women their confidence at an affordable, and pain-free, way.

Based in the heart of the CBD, Molecule Beauty, run by Liudmila, is a boutique beauty practice focused on advanced facials and holistic sculpting and lifting face massages.

“I felt that the beauty industry lacked heart and honesty in environments that felt clinical, judgemental, un-relaxing and old-fashioned,” explains Liudmila.

With this in mind, Liudmila set out on a journey three years ago, exploring everything the world of health and beauty had to offer. Along the way, she successfully gained a Diploma in Beauty Therapy, and completed a Professional Certificate in Integrated Health and Dermatology.

Throughout her studies, Liudmila realised that a holistic approach is absolutely vital for healthy skin. 

Her approach is all about harnessing the natural potential of the body through non-invasive technologies, specialising in deep plastic fascial massages.

Using Image Skincare Vectorize Technology, which utilises up to 100 layers of active ingredients, such as stem cells and peptides shaped into sphere-like molecular structures, this technology offers astounding results.

Once applied to the skin, the ingredients are time-released, layer after layer, and offer deep penetration over a prolonged period of time.

“My focus is on the skin,” Liudmila says. “At Molecule Beauty, our aim is to prolong the effectiveness of the skin’s metabolism. By extending the average period of life of keratinocytes, untying the knots in collagen threads and – for the first time ever – putting the emphasis on the stem cells, the deep plastic fascial massage treatment releases any blockages in the muscles and skin and release tension.”

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