Ride2School is a nationwide program delivered by Bicycle Network designed to support schools to encourage, empower and enable more students to get physically active on their journey to school. Bicycle Network is a one-stop shop for all your riding needs. You can find all information that you need for riding, from getting started and bike maintenance to keeping up to date with changing road rules from their website.

This year, National Ride2School Day will be on Friday, 24th March 2023. In 2022, 370,777 students participated in this nationwide program with 911 registered schools (307 schools participated for the first time).

With the Ride2School campaign as well as their other program, Bicycle Network is fighting to improve bike riding conditions, build more facilities and create fairer legislation for bike riders. You can take your part by joining Ride2School this year with your bike, scooter or skateboard to celebrate a fun active travel and kick-start healthy habits for the future. If you can’t ride a bike to school, what about parking the car one block away from school and walking to school?

You can encourage your school to participate Ride2School. Register your school and find more details about this campaign here. Discover the joy of riding and join Ride2School 2023.