My name is Angela and I’m sharing with you all my story about becoming a solo mum.

I had always imagined I would get married and raise a bunch of kids, and being a mother was my calling in life. But once I got to my late 30s, I found my failed relationships were getting in the way of my dream, so I took the leap and decided to go for it. I booked an appointment with the IVF clinic and went down the path of using a donor.

And 15 months ago, my beautiful baby girl Mabel was born and changed my life.

This past year has been exciting, tough, amazing, challenging but also the best and most rewarding year of my life.

I had no idea what parenting would be like without a partner, and navigating that while also trying to juggle running my business as a web designer was a struggle I could never have accounted for.  I cried a lot. I struggled with anxiety and there were times I thought I was in over my head. But…

I have never felt love like this before. The joy of my little one smiling up at me, reaching for a cuddle, or even just watching her laugh make all the tough times disappear.

Yes, I don’t always have time to brush my hair, shower, or even eat a proper meal. But I always have time for kisses and cuddles, learning with her, playing, tucking her in and to just be there. These are the only things she will remember, not that I wore the same thing yesterday.

Yes, she has screen time so I can get some work done, she was in daycare from 10 months to give me a full day of focusing on my business, and my internal support system is one I depend on a lot. But it works for us, and she is the happiest baby I’ve ever seen.

Things that I thought were important actually didn’t matter. I get a lot of questions from people about the donor. What involvement does he has? Will my daughter meet him? What do I know about him? Does he have other donor children? My answer?  I don’t know, and I don’t care. It’s me and my baby girl, and one day she can decide if she would like to meet the kind man that helped give me her. For that, I will be forever grateful to him.

Being a mum can be extremely tough, and doing it alone is even harder. But I can honestly say I’ve never been happier. Experiencing the unconditional love from my tiny human is all I need.

I may not have the husband and multiple kids that I always thought I wanted, but my dream did come true. My baby girl is the love of my life and more than enough to complete my family. Our bond is special, and I wouldn’t change our situation for the world.

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