Mondays Local Mums Kristina and Alice

Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east?

Kristina: I have lived in the east about 15 years. My eastside life started in North Bondi in a fabulously fun share house full of artists, yoga teachers, activists, writers, dancers, performers and chefs. Then in between travelling stints, I lived in Bellevue Hill right on Cooper Park, and Darling Point. I am back in Bondi now with my family, this time it’s southside in ‘Bondi Heights’.

Alice: I grew up in Paddington spending my childhood in the woods in Centennial Park. I took to travelling and lived in Darwin – an amazing experience. I am now full of appreciation for the weather and the stinger-free, croc-free ocean of Bondi.

How many children?

K: I have 2 children – 5 year old Ondine and 3 year old Otto.

A: I have three children – 7 year old Clementine, 5 year old Atticus and 9 month old Banjo.

Favourite Park?

K: My children have various criteria for parks, e.g. best swing, best pirate play park. My personal favourite is Bronte, there are so many pockets to explore and play in. I also love the bike track up in Dover heights, at dusk the view is beautiful.

A: Favourite park is still Centennial. Love the swans, love the bike track, love the new wild playground and love the big ‘off the leash’ dog area.

Favourite Beach?

K: Tama Rock Platform – the rock pools are full of secret treasures and Bronte – it has something for everyone in the family, the beach, the ocean pool, the rock pool and the bogie hole.

A: Gordons Bay for snorkelling, Maroubra for the ocean pool and Bondi for exploring for crabs and starfish.

Favourite kid friendly café?

K: Bellagio in Charing Cross Waverley is always a good option with kids, and for those crazy, early winter morning wake ups, – Tin Pin bakery.

A: Queens Park Café, all our ideas of heaven come crashing together. Delicious coffee, playground and big beautiful area to run free in.

Favourite Coffee Spot?

K : My favourite local coffee spot (Panama House!) closed suddenly, so I am still trying to find my favourite coffee spot. Right now it’s on my balcony.

Alice: Our kitchen, my husband makes a delicious latte.

Favourite date night place?

K: Sefa or Lox Stock and Barrel.

Alice: Ditto to Kristina

Favourite Local Day Out Activity?

K:A long lazy day at the beach, swimming, kicking a ball about, snorkelling, and then just relaxing under the trees and watching the children explore and play.

A: We love a bush walk with the promise of a swim. The Hermitage trail that leads to Nielson Beach is pretty rock star. A half way swim at Milk Beach is
heaven on a stick.

Favourite Local Shop?

K : As a family we have chosen this year to ‘buy nothing new’. Fortunately (or unfortunately) around the corner from our home, is Nat’s clothes shop (Bondi Road – I actually don’t know if it has an official name). I frequent it a fair bit for a browse, and come out with a fab find most times. She stocks great second-hand clothes, it is where Flamingo Merchant used to be. I loved Flamingo Merchant, so sad it has gone.

A: Any bookstore. My mum works at Lesley McKays in Woollahra. We are all in a happy space when flicking through the pages of a book.

Favourite wet weather location?

K: A gallery (AGNSW, MCA or White Rabbit, they do great dumplings) or the library.

A: We quite fancy getting our gum boots on and heading for the Gap. Perfect spot for some storm viewing and the puddles seem to get massive there.

Describe an ideal day in Sydney’s eastern suburbs for you?

K: It’s not very family friendly, but my ideal is the children have had a sleep over at their grandparents and my husband and I get to sleep in (7am!!) and read the paper, then walk the Bondi to Bronte, have a swim TOGETHER! And then have breakfast. This doesn’t happen often but it is amazing when it does.

When the kids come back (usually mid morning)we tinker around the house, building lego and puzzles, then a bit of gardening together and end the day with an afternoon swim and dinner by the beach.

A: A big run to Clovelly with a dip at the end in Bondi. Then all of us grabbing scooters/skateboards and heading to Bronte with a picnic. Swims, bush bashing, bit of Frisbee. A dip in the sea. No need to be anywhere but there. No rushing.

What area of the east have you yet to explore much but would like to?

K: I like Maroubra and Malabar but we don’t go there much, I am keen to spend more time there exploring this summer.

A: La Perouse, we don’t know it at all. Some of the students I have taught rave about the swimming there.

Work or SAHM?

K: I work as an Acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist, as well as Co Founder of Grow Your Mind – a social venture educating young children about mental health. I love my work.

It’s early days of Grow Your Mind, so it’s all consuming but I am very passionate about what Alice and I are doing.I am lucky as I have flexibility with my work hours. Being my own boss means I can still get to spend lots of time with my children.

A: I work as a mindfulness and resilience primary school teacher. I am also studying psychology. I am a co-founder of Grow Your Mind and love that together with Kristina we have created something that prioritizes mental health both at school AND at home.

Motherly advice?

K: a lot of my motherly advice is in our Grow Your Mind kits and other than that I am a big advocate of self care.

My morning exercise (I walk or do yoga pretty much every morning) helps me start the day in a way that makes me a calmer more present parent (most of the

A: Ditto. And… this too shall pass…. Even if it seems to be taking a loooooonnnng time to pass

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