Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east?

I moved to Sydney from Canberra almost 20 years ago. For a majority of this time I have lived in either Clovelly or Coogee.

I love the lifestyle and the Beaches. Since moving back 2 years ago with my little family, I also greatly appreciate the strong sense of community in Coogee.
I’ve met so many awesome local Mum’s who all support and appreciate one another.

How many children?

I have two pip-squeak’s! Mason who just turned 6 who has just started at Coogee Public School this week, eek! Also Little Miss Zoe who is almost 5 still
in Pre School.

How long have you worked at Coogee Pavilion, tell us a bit about your role as Community Manager?

I have been working for Merivale since 2010, and have been lucky enough to have been working at Coogee Pavilion since November last year and I have to say I’m absolutely loving my role. Coogee Pavilion has always been our family local favourite, and now I get
to be a part of this amazing venue!

My responsibilities are wide and varies including taking care of all our group bookings for the bar areas and the restaurant. Also coordinating all of
our fun family events such as Easter coming up and dare I say it, the next School Holidays programme!

Why do you think Coogee Pavilion has been so successful and is so popular with families?

I believe Coogee Pavilion is so successful as we really do cater to every age group and every occasion.

We take care of parents and their bubs for coffee’s and catch ups, with also the super fun Kids Games area out the back. The Restaurant caters for casual
quick meals, special family dinners, any kind or Birthday Party etc. I’ve heard a funny story of someone’s 70 year old Mum that likes to come into
the Ground Floor Bar every week for a casual dinner and people watch on a Friday or Saturday night. Also our menus are approachable and we have such
a large selection of food and beverage offerings for everyone.

Favourite item on the menu at Coogee Pavilion?

I can never go past our Lobster Rolls, I just love them and cannot help myself! I have to add I’m a huge fan of our sashimi, and I believe our Pizza is
the best in Sydney, yum!

Favourite Beach?

I have 3! Coogee of course, Bronte and Camp Cove.

Favourite Coffee Spot?

Will and Co here at Coogee

Favourite Date Night Location?

My hubby and I recently celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary at Fred’s on Oxford Street, the most
beautiful dining room and we were so well looked after.

Favourite Park?

Centennial Park for bike riding and picnics, The Flying Fox Park (Alby Smith Reserve on Dolphin Street) and The Beach Park (otherwise known as Grand Reserve

Favourite Local Shop?

Always in By San Sebastian in Coogee, I love everything in that store! Also Maloney’s Coogee always so fresh
and yummy.

If you could have a day to yourself in Sydney’s east what would you do?

Pilates (a very new thing for me I’ve just started in Randwick at KX), ocean dunking
for recovery!

Then a facial at Face Medispa Bondi Beach. After that home to Coogee and enjoy the quiet!

Motherly advice?

Don’t be hard on yourself and don’t be shy asking for help. The more I talk to other mum’s the more I realise that there is always someone to lean on,
who will listen and help when needed.