Rebecca Maher

This week’s mum is Rebecca Maher from Woollahra who shares her tips for living in the east.

She is also known as ‘The Fiscal Mum’ and has a special offer at the bottom of this article for mums and families wanting to better at managing finances.

 Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east?

We live in Woollahra, and we’ve been in the eastern suburbs for just on 5 and a half years now!

I grew up in Sydney over on the lower north shore, but moved across when my husband and I first started living together. He is from Queensland and a beach lover to say the least, so the eastern suburbs was the pick of the bunch for us!

How many children:

We have one little girl Olivia who is 2 and a half years old. She’s a real cutie – but we all think that of our own don’t we?

Favourite Park:

I feel like there are so many – but right now I’d have to say that Queens Park is probably the pick of the lot for us.

My daughter is a real slide maniac and Queens Park has about four slides from memory? I’d also have to say Bronte Park – we love the beach and that park also ticks all the boxes. It’s just a little further away so we usually save that one for the weekend.

Favourite Beach:

Again – so many!! For ocean beaches I’d have to say Bronte – it’s beautiful, has a safe swimming area for the little ones (as well as a pool) and there is good coffee nearby. The only real issue is parking, but you can’t really escape that in the east.

For best harbour beach I’d have to say Watsons Bay, either Camp Cove or the harbour pool just in front of the Tea Rooms there. If the tides out there is a little beach and again…great coffee right opposite!

Favourite kid friendly cafe:

The Shed at Queens Park is my favourite. It’s right next to a fenced playground, there is plenty of open space for kids to run around in plain sight right next to the café and their recent extension with an open air deck makes it a lovely space to sit for a coffee.

Favourite Coffee Spot:

I’d have to say Flat White in Paddington. We go there every morning for coffee during the week – it’s a morning ritual. It’s our way to break up the craziness of getting ready and out the door in the morning and getting off to work or into our day – and we all get 15 – 20 minutes of quality time together!!

Favourite date night place:

Date night? We don’t have a regular spot – if we do get the chance to go out of an evening without Livvy we tend to change it up a bit! The last time we went out together we had Italian in Balmain somewhere and the time before that we had dinner in the City. I’m not the best person to ask for restaurant recommendations – when I know we are going out it usually takes me a week to decide on somewhere to go!

Favourite Local Day Out Activity:

We like to keep our days pretty simple, so in summer without a doubt you’ll find us at the beach. Weekday’s or weekends we love it – sandcastles, swims and just general mucking about. Sometimes we might take a picnic and make a day of it. In the winter months we have to find other ways to spend our days but we would usually go to the park to burn of energy or take Livvy for a scoot or a trike ride somewhere. We like being outdoors in the fresh (now chilly) air!

Favourite Local Shop:

We live close to Queens Street Village so we frequent there a fair bit. But as I said earlier, we frequent Flat White Café in Paddington quite a bit so are quite friendly with the staff there who are lovely!

Favourite wet weather location:

Wet Weather location would usually be home or we go visit extended family or friends at their place. Change of scenery for Livvy and we all get to see each other for a few hours and catch up! Win win !

Work or SAHM:

Both. I consider myself lucky to be in a position where I can stay at home and be with Livvy for the best part of the week given that the work I do is flexible enough to allow that.

There are challenges that come with working from home and in your own business around small children, however all of us have our own challenges with regards to working and mothering whether we work from home or out of the home and we all do an extremely great job at balancing it all the best way we know how.

Motherly advice:

I think the one thing that I am continually conscious of in my own role as a mother – is to remember to be present, not just in my daughter’s life and our family life, but in my own life as well.

As mums we are easily distracted by everything life demands of us on a daily basis and we start to run on autopilot a bit. There is absolutely no doubt there is a lot to do when you have a family in the mix, but I try to remind myself not to forget the ‘living’ part of living life as well.


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