Rebecca Featherstone Jelen

Meet this week’s local eastern suburb mum, Rebecca Featherstone Jelen who shares with us her tips on living in the east and her efforts to raise awareness and education about fertility.

Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east?

I grew up in Bondi Junction and have lived between there and Bondi beach my whole life.

How many children:

Two, a 5 year old named Talita and a 3 year old named Rafael

Favourite Park:

It’s a little bit of a secret but St James park in Bondi Junction.

Lots of trees and quite hidden. Great for all ages.

Favourite Beach:

I just love Bronte Beach. Everything about it. The bogie hole, the swimming pool, the cafes, the kids park and I love the view from the pool. I often go there to have time out.

Favourite kid friendly cafe:

LOVE Katipo on Bondi Road. It’s got a great vibe, a big back area for kids and lovely staff plus free wi fi so sometimes I do my work from there!

Favourite Coffee Spot:

Gusto Bondi Junction. Brendan and Rusty make lovely coffee!

Favourite date night place:

My husband is in a band so a lot of date nights are going to gigs! Other than that we do love Gelbison on Lamrock ave and Bondi Tratt has a great view.

Favourite Mother’s Group Location: 

Centennial park cafe and play area

Favourite wet weather location:

We spend a lot of time at Waverly library in the winter months. They are always having great events and there is always something to do.

Work or SAHM:

Both, I am lucky to be able to work from home so do have some flexibility. I am a Director at ACCESS Australia and am extremely passionate about bringing awareness to Assisted Reproductive Treatments and Fertility issues.

Currently I am working on a national campaign with Fellow IVFLINGS founder Candice Thum called “Fertility Matters”.

Our campaign is aimed to raise awareness and education of fertility.

Motherly advice:

Being a mother in amazing yet testing. Deep down you as a mum always know what is best. Listen to your heart, you are always right. And try and do little things for yourself.

When I need a pick me up I go and jump in the water. It clears your mind and gives you energy. Also our kids grow up so quickly so enjoy every moment as it does go so so fast.

To find out more about fertility and IVFLINGS and their campaigns go to