Mondays Local Mum Pippa Borwell

Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east:

I’m originally from the UK but after backpacking here a very long time ago I just fell in love with Australia and the incredible outdoor lifestyle. I have lived in and around the East for 12 years now. I have experienced living in most suburbs but Coogee is where I call home and I love living in this area with its community vibe.

How many children:

One beautiful daughter Mimi who is 2.5, she is fearless, loves to make people laugh and rocks my world.

Favourite Park:

I love Neilsons Park, it has everything in one place.A lovely park which leads onto a beautiful walk in Sydney Harbour National Park along the coastline which has city views. You can BBQ, grab a coffee and lunch there and even hit the beach.

Favourite Beach:

I would say Coogee Beach is our favourite because we get to visit it most days.Recently the sunsets over Coogee Beach have been magical. The pink and blue colours in the sky are just breath taking to watch, plus Mimi burns off that last bit of energy.

Favourite kid friendly café:

If it was Mimi answering this question she would say Gelatissimo in Coogee where she gets her beloved ice cream. We often meet her friend Daisy there and they love that place choosing which flavor they want while you can enjoy your coffee (…or ice-cream with melted Nutella on).

Favourite Coffee Spot:

If I am baby free I love any coffee shop by the water and with a view.I love the mochas from Perfection Coffee in Rose Bay because they use a scoop of real melted chocolate in them (yes you guessed it I have a very sweet tooth) it’s nice to get a take away and walk straight through to the beach nearby and take in the city views with the sun on your face.Just perfect!

Favourite date night place:

I love The Spot in Randwick, it’s so close to home so no taxis needed but a lovely little hub of nice bars and restaurants.Bat Country, Lil Darling and Del Punto are great spots. For a real treat you can head to the cinema after and watch the film if you want to really relax baby free with a wine in hand.

Favourite Local Day Out Activity:

I just love the coastline and being at the beach so it would be grabbing Mimi’s scooter, beach toys and of course a coffee and hitting one of our beautiful beaches. Watsons Bay is great for a bit of everything, scooter along the paths, play at the beach and even a cheeky wine at Watson Bay hotel with that waterfront view. So lucky this is on our doorstep!

Favourite Local Shop:

I just love Maloney’s on Coogee Bay Road, they just have such a wide variety of produce which is always top quality and fresh.The staff are just so friendly and helpful, always stopping for a chat.They have watched Mimi grow up always giving her a marshmallow with my mocha….heaven for a 2 year old.

Favourite wet weather location:

Sometimes it’s easier to just embrace the rain, water proof jacket on, warm clothes on and the all-important gumboots then jumping in puddles in the rain is Mimi’s idea of a lot of fun.

Describe an ideal day in Sydney’s eastern suburbs for you?

Wake up around 7am if we are lucky enough to get that much of a sleep in! Pick up my coffee fix from Maloney’s and my new craving of an acai bowl from Coco Bliss then head straight down to the beach to meet friends and enjoy our breakfast alfresco. Then we head to the Coogee Bowling Club for lunch and drinks as it is so good for kids getting to wander around on the green in a safe enclosed place while you enjoy your lunch; there’s often lots of other families there too so the kids get to make new friends and play together. We love The Green in North Sydney and Bondi Bowls, great family friendly spots and worth a try.

What area of the east have you yet to explore much but would like to?

It’s funny I would love to explore the City more, I often get caught up in the suburbs and beach side lifestyle because I love it so much. But it would be great to explore the city a little more and all the fabulous events Sydney holds.

Work or SAHM:

I have a business called Firefly Covers which sells patterned BBQ covers. After seeing how much my black BBQ cover spoilt my balcony setting, I set about designing patterned covers which beautify your BBQ and complete your outdoor décor. Firefly Covers are made from premium, heavy duty BBQ fabric so they are just as protective as they are stylish. Living by the ocean this is a must to stop rust.

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Motherly advice:

Listen to your instincts as they really are very powerful with reading our baby’s needs.Enjoy the little things in life with them like playing hide and seek in the outdoors, blowing bubbles, cuddles at bedtime….because I believe they are actually the big things.