Mondays Local Mum Nicole Evans

Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east:

Since I finished my law degree in 2004, I’ve lived in Woollahra, Edgecliff, Darlinghurst, Randwick and now Coogee. I’ve lived in Coogee for the past 4 years.

How many children:

I have two children, a 7 year old daughter and a 6 year old son.


Favourite Park:

I live near Bangor Park and my kids love the swings there. The kids love any park really, as long as there is some play equipment and swings!

Favourite Beach:

Coogee Beach as it is our local and my kids do Nippers there. I love going down to the beach on a Sunday morning in summer for Nippers. It’s a fun and social way to start the day.

Favourite kid friendly cafe:

I think we are pretty spoilt for choices in the eastern suburbs. Most cafes are very child friendly and accommodating with kids. Bistro on the Greens has just opened up in the South Coogee Bowling Club. It has a kids play area and great kids menu. I suspect we will be there a bit over summer!

Favourite Coffee Spot:

On Fridays after school when I pick my kids up after a hectic week we go down to Gusto in Coogee. The kids love sitting down there and having a milkshake and cookie.

Favourite date night place:

I haven’t been on a date in ages (the life of a single Mum!), but the last date I went on was at Fred’s in Paddington which I love. Definitely my new favourite restaurant. Amazing food and atmosphere.

Favourite Local Day Out Activity:

Taking a walk on the beach at sunset with the kids when it’s not too hot and the beach isn’t that busy.

Favourite Local Shop:

By San Sebastian in Coogee. They always have great present ideas for kids and a great kids clothing range. I love that it’s owned and operated by a local Coogee family.

Favourite wet weather location:

I love the Coogee Pavillion for lunch and early dinners with the kids. The back area is great for the kids to play in whilst the parents catch up.

Describe an ideal day in Sydney’s eastern suburbs for you?

After we roll out of bed on a Sunday, we like to go for breakfast or lunch with friends, and if it’s summer, that would be down near the beach. I love the Little Kitchen in Coogee for breakfast. Then we would head down to the beach for a swim and play. On a hot summer day, we need to cool down with ice cream, so we would walk down to the Pavillion and get takeaway ice creams. We may meet up with friends in the afternoon at a park or our house for an afternoon drink or early BBQ dinner.

What area of the east have you yet to explore much but would like to?

Vaucluse. I’ve seen lots of new restaurants and cafes pop up on my Facebook page and the food looks delicious. I don’t really venture down that side of the east much, but would like to!

Work or SAHM:

I started my own law firm in the Sydney CBD. Nicole Evans Lawyers. I am the Principal Director and I specialize in criminal and family law.

I’m also the author of Lesbians and the Law: A Guidebook for Australian Families . Life is very very busy.

With regards to the Marriage Equality Vote I guess I would like those who maybe aren’t sure to maybe reflect on your own situation, and imagine if other people had a vote on whether you were allowed to marry your husband, or if your husband died, the law denied you and your children the benefits and rights associated as the next of kin.

This is why I wrote this book. Not only to inform and educate same sex families, but to raise awareness around the lack of equal rights for same sex couples and their families. Everyone deserves the same basic legal rights, especially our children, to have our family unit recognised in the eyes of the law.

I wrote this article for Huffington Post on how I felt too

Motherly advice :

Slow down. Life can be very busy and tiring as a working single Mum of two kids. Sometimes it feels like a blur as we rush through our daily activities. Make sure you eat well, get sleep and have some time to yourself. Most of all enjoy your kids. The time is precious. They grow up so quickly.