Nina Cruz

Each week we meet a local eastern suburb mum to find out her tips for living in Sydney’s east.

This week meet Nina Cruz from Coogee who is the founder of Mumme Tree a wellness business to help mum’s thrive.

Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east?

We currently live in Coogee Beach (my husband, my 2 munchkins & me). I have lived in the Eastern suburbs my whole life and have actually lived in many different suburbs from Rose Bay to Queens Park, as my mother liked to move!  Even moving once when my dad had taken my sister and I on holidays! I travelled quite a bit in my younger years but Sydney has always been home to me.

How many children?

I have 2 little ones. Jakob who is almost 5 and Kira who is 2.5. I call them my little Buddha’s as they teach me the lessons I need to learn daily. (and they often remind me if I didn’t quite get it the first time!).

Favourite Park:

We are exploring new parks in the East. Recently we have been searching for a good bike track as my son got his first ‘big’ bike. The Environmental Park in Randwick (6R Argyle Cres, Randwick) has a great track for beginners and it’s relatively quiet (thus less collisions as my son is slowly learning to use his hand break). Other than that we love the local Coogee Park on Beach St, just a scooter ride away (my husband just bought me my first scooter, which I am loving,(definitely recommend getting one) so we are all on wheels!). I also just noticed the newish cafe area near the bike track in Centennial Park which we plan to visit soon.

Favourite Beach:

We are loving Coogee Beach right now as we are right on its doorstep. We also love some of the harbour beaches…Milk Beach Vaucluse and Parsley Bay (which has all necessary amenities a mum could want …park/cafe (coffee!) shady areas and calm waters!).

Favourite Kid Friendly Cafe:

Cafe Bellagio in Waverley has a great area for kids to play, giving you a better chance to drink a hot coffee and eat a meal in a semi-relaxed state. We also tend to end up at the Pavilion in Coogee after a swim at the beach, where the kids have some freedom to roam around and I also get a chance to play some ping pong (which I love).

Favourite Coffee Spot:

It would have to be Cafe One Six Nine 169 Alison Rd Randwick. It has great coffee, great service, a friendly atmosphere and kids play area too! The owner has 4 young girls himself so they welcome mums groups and kids!

Favourite Local Date Night Location:

 Well I am trying to remember our last date night! Certainly a good reminder to lock one in soon! We do try our best to lock a date night in but more recently it has been about attending birthdays and family events. We definitely like to keep it local…sometimes all we want to do is go and relax and watch a movie at Gold Class Cinema where you can enjoy a drink and a nibble (and sometimes a nap) while relaxing in the comfy reclinable chairs. Otherwise a bite to eat around the corner at The Banana Palm Vietnamese Restaurant in Coogee or the local Japanese.

Favourite wet weather location:

My son is a big fan of Little Dynamos (an indoor activity centre) in Alexandria…where he can run out all of his energy! And I must say it’s also quite fun for the mums too and a workout in itself!

Work or SAHM:

Both…I work at several eastern suburbs gyms instructing fitness classes. Before my second child I was personal training (mostly women) outdoor but nowadays I do more classes. I also work from home on my mumme blog and provide one on one Wellness Coaching for mumme’s, helping mumme’s create balance in their life (amidst the chaos of having kids), reduce stress, put themselves back on their ‘to do list’ and empower them to thrive (from the inside out) to embrace their mumme journey!

Motherly Advice:

I would have to say follow your gut instinct, your intuition as only you know what is best for your child. Listen to the whispers that you hear and trust your inner guidance system. (When my son had ear infections at a young age I went to one doctor and within 2 mins he had diagnosed him with sleep apnea and we were removing his tonsils/adenoids and putting in grommets. For me it just didn’t feel right so I went for a second opinion. The second doctor said he was fine, he had large tonsils and as he grew it would get better and in the meantime just monitor him).

So, when something doesn’t feel right for you or your child/ren, trust your wisdom. “There is no right way or wrong way to be a mum, just your way and my way” (

Also find some ME Time daily…even if you have to lock yourself in the bathroom for 5 mins and breathe…find some time and space to fill up your tank and refuel in whatever way serves YOU and gives back to YOU.  I will also add ‘pick you battles’ & learn to let go…it can be so crazy and chaotic sometimes but if you can focus on what’s important for you and your family it can really help you prioritise and let go of what does not need your energy and attention.

Nina is a qualified Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor and Wellness Coach. She is the founder of Mumme Tree – nourish. grow. nurture. thrive. Offering tools/tips and strategies for mumme’s to thrive, by creating an abundant mindset, finding their flow as a mumme and focusing on nourishment from within… This is done via One on One Wellness Sessions, Mumme Make Overs and Workshops. “Change your thoughts and you change your world” Norman Vincent Peale 

Contact Nina for a ‘free 30 min clarity session’: Contact via her website: or email: to join the mumme tree community!