My journey as a Mum has been life changing. I always knew I wanted to be a Mother, but never knew how it would impact me. I am so grateful that I get to teach my daughter all about our world and how to be the best version of herself. I love being a Mum, Wife, Baby and Toddler Sleep Consultant, Early Childhood Teacher and Circle of Security Parenting Coach. All of these things make up who I am as a person. 

I began my Sleep Consultant journey the moment my daughter was born! She was an awful sleeper. I was seriously sleep deprived and desperate for some sleep support! I was lucky enough to work with an amazing Baby and Toddler Sleep Consultant and found the answers to all my sleep challenges. I began my own studies in becoming a consultant after I saw the amazing benefits and results of sleep training for my own family.  I loved learning about the science of sleep and understanding the complexities of baby and toddler sleep.

My experience in the Early Childhood Sector and Circle of Security Parenting has given it me a deep understanding of how to  support children in a gentle and caring manner. It has opened my eyes to the power of CONNECTION and patience, the power of support and guidance in our little one’s learning and sleep journey. 

My experience as a Mother has further allowed me to see it from a parent’s perspective and be able to feel what it is like to Sleep Train my own daughter. 

I have a deep passion for supporting families and guiding them to being the best versions of themselves! Find out more and discover the wonders of stress free sleep!

Where and how long have your lived in Sydney’s east?

I have lived in Dover Heights/Rose Bay for 33 years. This is where I grew up and feel most at home. 

Three words that describe what it’s like to live in the eastern suburbs?

Leafy, Family orientated, Calm.

How many children?

I have a 2 year old daughter

Favourite Park?

Bondi Beach playground, it has such a great mix of interactive equipment! From the sandpit, swings to the musical instruments. My daughter loves it!

Favourite Beach?

Camp Cove for sure! I used to go there growing up. It is super nostalgic and a beautiful beach to go with as a family. 

Favourite kids friendly cafe?

We love Archies in Dover Heights! Their food is easily adapted for children and their play space is super cute. 

Favourite Coffee Spot?

Archies again! We love to go there for a take away coffee and then head to Caffyn park for a play!

Favourite date night place?

Washoku for an easy and delicious dinner! 

Where in the east have you yet to explore and would like to go?

We would love to explore the playground near The Randwick Hospital – Inglis Park. 

What would you like to see improve in the eastern suburbs?

I would love more child friendly restaurants with toy corners or play spaces. 

Favourite Local Shop?

We love Woolies Double Bay! Or if we’re feeling lazy, click and collect for Woolies in Rose Bay.

Favourite wet weather location?

Kmart. No explanation needed. 

Favourite Local family Weekend Activity?

We love going for an early morning walk to get Jesse’s Bagels, then head to our local playground for some family fun. 

Work or SAHM?

I would LOVE to be a SAHM, but the cost of living right now has put pressure on our family, so i’ll have to answer work for now. 

Motherly advice?

Try not to compare yourself to other parents, or compare your little ones to others. Each child is different and needs different parenting styles. If you need support, seek support. Drown out the noise from other parents/adults if they are judging you for seeking support or help. We aren’t given a baby handbook when our little ones are born, so we shouldn’t be expected to know everything!