Fiona Jones

Where and how long have you lived in Sydney East?

Rushcutters Bay, which is such a treat with just a short stroll to the water and city. Although we spend most of our time between Bondi & Bronte.

How many children?

Three, if you count my husband LOL. Jack is 2.5 and I’ve just had another little boy, Alby who’s just a few weeks old.

Favourite Park?

Centennial Park. It offers something for everyone, and a great escape from city living.

No matter how often I go, I always seem to get lost too 😉

Favourite Beach?

Clovelly, it’s perfect for the kids to run a muck and has a great choice of cafes and coffeeeeee!

Favourite kid friendly cafe?

Shuk in North Bondi – lots of space and they have a dedicated play area

Favourite coffee spot:

I’m more of the take away kind mum when kids are in tow. Drives my mum crazy as all she wants to do is sit and enjoy vs slurp it down whilst chasing the
toddler and jiggling the newborn in the carrier.

When we do venture to the beaches, Bondi Hall is the go to.

Favourite date night:

Dinner at Blanca or A Tavola, then a stroll along Bondi beach and Messina on the way home

Favourite local shop:

Tuchuzy or Commune

Favourite wet weather location:

Westfield Bondi Junction. Who doesn’t love a good splurge on a rainy day!

Describe ideal day for you in Eastern Suburbs:

Starting with breakfast at Bill’s in Bondi, then Bondi to Bronte walk, followed by a splash in the ocean, North Bondi Fish and good vibes!

What area of the east have you yet to explore, but would like to?

Milk Beach, Vaucluse. Meant to be the hidden gem of the Eastern suburbs.

Work of SAHM?

Both, I work to pay the bills and SAHM to live my life with purpose.

I’ve been an innovator pretty much my whole working life, but only of the last two months have I been an entrepreneur, with the launch of Bake Believe, a DIY Cake kit for life’s little celebrations.

Everything in a box (except the milk, butter & eggs), sustainably wrapped (no plastic!), and delivered to you door. Makes being a mum easy, almost!


Motherly advice:

I believe the greatest gift to yourself and children is positive self-belief.

Inspire them. Believe in yourself first.

Nurture their dreams and confidence, and be there to support and guide them through self-doubt.

For more info on Fiona’s business go to Bake Believe

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