Hello! I’m Aileen, a local Eastern Suburbs Artist, Primary Teacher and the proud mother of three beautiful children. 

I have been teaching in Public Education for over twenty years and have loved working with children and their families. In 2020, I took some time to devote to my family and my artistic adventure evolved to what it is today. I love sunrise walks around our local coastal areas with my husband Greg or my tribe. It has been my daily dose of inspiration for my paintings. 

As a mother of three I spend a lot my time driving around the east getting my children to all of their after school creative and sporting commitments. I have been one of the parent volunteers at Coogee Minnows for several years and love the sense of community of our area. 

Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east?

My husband and I have lived in Sydney’s east for over twenty years. We lived and grew up in Campbelltown. As a young couple we moved to Coogee and as the years progressed and our family grew, we lived in Randwick, Little Bay and now Maroubra. 

Three words that describe what it’s like to live in the eastern suburbs?

I feel fortunate to live in this part of the world so three words would be busy, beautiful, and unforgettable.

How many children?

I have three incredible children. A nearly 18, 15 and 9.  

Favourite Park:

There are so many parks to choose from and every favourite is filled with memories of the kids at different ages. Heffron Park would have to be our favourite park. It caters to all our interests from soccer, netball, basketball to bike riding. 

Favourite Beach:

This is always difficult for me to answer. Every beach holds the fondest of memories for me. If I must choose, it will have to be Coogee with its incredible ocean pools. It’s where my husband and I started our adult lives together and where we got married.

Favourite kid friendly cafe:

Four Frogs Creperie, Randwick is a favourite with my kids.

Favourite Coffee Spot:

At Home & The Bay Bakehouse in Maroubra. 

Favourite date night place:

Café Sydney would have to be a memorable date night place. 

Where in the east have you yet to explore and would like to? 

I’m a bit of an adventurer so I have spent a lot of time exploring our coastline. I would probably like to find some more time to explore and relax around Camp Cove and Parsley Bay. 

What would you like to see improve in the eastern suburbs?  

Kindness – there’s always room for more. 

Favourite Local Shop:

Humble Beginnings is my favourite local shop. Paula 

always has a beautiful selection of unique products and local artworks, including some of mine. 

Favourite wet weather location:

The Ritz Randwick, at the Spot. 

Favourite Local family Weekend Activity?

Watching our children play sports and enjoying our local beaches. 

Work or SAHM?

I’ve been able to work part-time in my teaching role while painting and maintaining my small business from home. So SAHWM.  It can be a challenge to balance the time spent everything, but I have cherished the time to be available for my family. 

Motherly advice?

Time becomes your most important currency as your family grows. So, this would have to be my motherly advice because time goes so fast. 

  1. Make some time in your day to be kind to yourself. Exercise, read a book, have a coffee, catch up with a friend. 
  2. Make some time for you and your partner to connect. (Easy to say but one of the hardest things to do)
  3. Make some time to listen to each of your children. In the car at drop off or pick up, at dinner, or before they go to bed. As they grow, they will hopefully learn that they can talk to you about things that matter or worry them. 

More information about Aileen’s artwork is available on www.aileenanderson.com.au/

Instagram: @aileenandersonart

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AileenAndersonArt