Local mum Recipe - Rainbow Toast

Rainbow Cheese Toasted Sandwiches are a fun easy cooking idea you can do whilst in ISO with kids at home.

It’s cooking and art in one. Perfect as an easy cooking activity with kids at home.


Cheese (The amount you need will depend on how cheesy you would like your toastie!)

Two pieces of bread per person

Food Colour (2-3 colours – or more if you are feeling adventurous)



1. Grate the cheese onto a plate, and then separate out into bowls. We used 3 bowls for 3 colours.

2. Add 3-4 drops of food colouring straight onto the cheese and then stir until coloured. Add more food colouring – one or two drops at a time if you need more colour.

3. Butter two pieces of bread on both sides of each piece (outside and inside), and then fill with layers of grated cheese.

4. Fry in a pan until the cheese is melted and the outside is golden brown – We use the lid of a saucepan to weigh down the sandwich if it is a little unstable with a lot of cheese. Once one side is brown, flip to the other side.

5. Serve alone or with fruit and veggie pieces if you would like to make your plate more colourful.


Children love to get involved in this one. If you would like to extend the play grate a little extra cheese so that they can experiment with the colours for their own sandwich.

You can extend language skills by discussing the way the colour is lighter or darker depending on how much more or less colouring was used and include maths skills by measuring equal parts of cheese to each bowl.