Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east: We currently live in Vaucluse, and have lived in Sydney’s East for 12 years (including a long stint in North Bondi), with a few years in the US in between (New York & San Francisco).

How many children: 2 girls: Annabel (4) + Olivia (1.5).

Favourite Park: Parsley Bay – love the new play equipment! The kids could play there for hours and hours, and no matter when we go, we almost always run into some of the kids they go to daycare with there, so they always have friends to play with.

Favourite Beach: Camp Cove. It’s so beautiful, and the water is calm, so the kids have so much fun digging holes and running in and out of the water without being scared. Parking in summer is tough though!

Favourite kid friendly cafe: Blair St Dairy, North Bondi. Who doesn’t love their gigantic chocolate chip cookies, and their chilli scrambled eggs are amazing.

Favourite Coffee Spot: Trail, Vaucluse. We used to live very close, so were there daily. Now the walk is a little further, so we make our own at home most days.

Favourite date night place: Haven’t been in too long!!

Favourite Local Day Out Activity: Spend a whole summer’s day in the shade at Camp Cove with my husband and kids. It’s so picturesque, it’s one of few beaches where there’s a little shady corner, and the water is great for little kids. When we spend the day at Camp Cove it feels like we’ve been on a holiday, except we can be home in 10 mins, and we don’t have to spend hours packing and unpacking!

Favourite Local Shop: Perfection Chocolates in Rose Bay – their hot chocolates are SO good (think real melted chocolate blended with hot milk)! When I was pregnant with Olivia, I think I was drinking chocolate milkshakes there daily. Definitely the chocolate milkshakes in summer and the hot chocolates in winter.

Favourite wet weather location: Before COVID, we used to take the kids to Little Dyanmo’s play centre in Alexandria a lot. They love it! COVID safe wet weather activities has gotten a little tricker! My girls are exact opposites. Annabel could play inside with her toys and happily never leave the house for days. Olivia, from the moment she wakes up, is at the front door raring to go outside. They’re a hard bunch to please!

Describe an ideal day in Sydney’s eastern suburbs for you? Definitely a warm summer’s day. Walking or running along the cliffs down towards Watson’s Bay. Then a day relaxing at the beach with the family at Camp Cove, and probably a quick stop at the Clarke Reserve playground on the way home. And fish and chips for dinner of course. Very sad that Fishcove in Rose Bay has closed!

What area of the east have you yet to explore much but would like to? I am not too familiar with the area down around Little Bay and La Perouse. I would like to spend some time exploring some of the bush areas and little beaches down there. Before we had kids we loved hiking and trail running. Hopefully when the kids get a bit older they can get into that with us.

Work or SAHM: I work full-time as the COO for a tech start-up in the property industry. I’m definitely a career-type mum. I love my kids dearly, but I know that I am not cut out to be a mum full-time. I have a very supportive husband who has always worked part time to have a day or two a week to care for the kids, my mum does a day a week with each of them, and they go to great ‘schools’ (daycares) on the other days, which they love. I also work with another Mum friend on a very cool kids sunglasses brand called mihi.

Motherly advice: I am definitely guilty of doing way too much phone scrolling around the kids, so I’m trying to learn to be more present when I’m with the kids.

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Nat and kid