Local Mum Libby Babet

Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east:

I’m originally from Brisbane but have lived in the East for over 15 years including Surry Hills, Rushcutters Bay and Darling Point before moving to Rose Bay when I married my husband Justin where we’ve been for the past 10 years.

We’ve just moved a few weeks ago to live just above my BUF Girls (bufgirls.com) studio on Bondi Rd which is a bit of a change but super convenient! My morning commute is now 30 seconds and I can do my grocery shopping across the street which, as a mum, is saving my life…

How many children:

We have a 14 month old daughter Izzy!

Favourite Park:

Neilson Park because… baby friendly beach plus lots of grass space AND a coffee shop, winning 😉

Favourite Beach:

This depends, right now with Izzy it’d be North Bondi or Neilson Park. But if we’re heading out of Sydney, my parents live at Corindi Beach and that’s my all-time fave… maybe equal with the hidden and awesome Whites Beach in Byron!

Favourite kid friendly cafe:

Bellagio Café in Waverley – outdoor area with toys and ride-ons, friendly staff, high chairs, lots of puppies!

Favourite Coffee Spot:

Our little hole in the wall local Meidy’s Café right next door to my studio, Bennett/Blair Street Dairy (both in Bondi too), or The Trail up at Vaucluse.

Favourite date night place:

Look, we haven’t been on a proper date since Izzy was born but our favourites used to be Hachi Bei in Rose Bay and Sefa Kitchen in Bondi. We used to LOVE Mr Moustache (Bondi) before it closed and then TAQIZA (Bondi) became our go-to for Mexican and margaritas. It’s our 10-year anniversary soon so we’ll need to get back in the game!

Favourite Local Day Out Activity:

I’m an outdoors girl, so in summer it’s the beach and in winter it’s a big walk.

Favourite Local Shop:

I have a bit of a comfy-cool shoe fetish so Spring Court in Bondi always seems to pull me in – I have about 8 pairs and counting! Nimble Activewear and lululemon too, because hey, I live in sportswear.

Favourite wet weather location:

Before Izzy, the movies – oh how I miss the movies! Post Izzy, I need some advice please 😉

Describe an ideal day in Sydney’s eastern suburbs for you?

Grab the family, ditch the car and head out the door with a backpack and some towels and go for a big ol’ walk to a beach somewhere for some breakfast and a swim, chat, play, read, sit under a tree, stop off for a juice, ditch the screens (ahhh the joys of green time over screen time).

What area of the east have you yet to explore much but would like to?

We walk A LOT (join us on Instagram for #walkaboutsundays) so there’s not many places in the East we haven’t explored on foot!

Work or SAHM:

As much as I love the idea of being a full-time mum to Izzy, with multiple businesses (all of which I’m crazy passionate about!) it’s not a reality for me, so I consider myself a part-time business owner if there’s really such a thing (there isn’t, I work a LOT when Izzy is sleeping early mornings, lunch time and after she’s down at night, oh and on weekends too!).



Motherly advice:

Share all your knowledge and the cool stuff you’ve discovered about making mamahood easier but don’t give other mums “you shouldn’t do X…” kind of advice unless they ask for it 😉

P.S. no my baby’s feet aren’t cold without the socks she took off a few minutes ago, but thanks for asking 😉

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