Local Mum Lauren Goudy

Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east:

I live in Vaucluse and moved here 3 years ago after selling our house in Bondi which we renovated and lived in for 4 years. I relocated to the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney from Melbourne 7 Years ago. Originally I am from Perth.

How many children:

I have a daughter, Tori, who is 4 years old and son, Kurt who is 2. I am very blessed as they get along like a house on fire and literally play and laugh together from dawn ‘til dusk!

Favourite Park:

My children’s number one favourite park is Lyne Park in Rose Bay, there are so many fabulous forts and play equipment – something for every age group. I also love the fact it is enclosed and safe for ‘escape artists’. My 4-year-old daughter loves to climb to the top of the big pyramid rope fort, which makes me feel very nervous. They also love to get a babycino at the café on the water at the Seaplane terminal.

Favourite Beach:

This is actually a really tough question! We have such a diverse range of beaches in the Eastern Suburbs and I love them all for different reasons. I grew up in Western Australia and have always loved the beach lifestyle and that is one of the reasons I now won’t live anywhere else in Sydney except the East, because of our amazing beach lifestyle and convenience to everything else! Due to it being the closest beach to our house and very safe for the kids, Camp Cove in Watsons Bay is the beach we go to the most. But in saying that I love Bronte, Tamarama and Bondi too and I am about to start building a house in Clovelly, so that is likely to go to the top of the list before long! Unfortunately for me, this question is a bit like asking me to pick a favourite child! Sorry, love them all!

Favourite kid friendly cafe:

This would be difficult because my children tend to have ants in their pants, so I don’t really just ‘sit’ at a café with them. Normally it is grab a coffee take-away and head to somewhere where they can run around to (ie. A park). My children love to go to Bake Bar in Double Bay to get a cake or treat on their way to the Woollahra Library. This is a good option for kids because it is relatively protected from cars and traffic.

Favourite Coffee Spot:

I work in Double Bay and so my favourite coffee spot here would have to be Indigo as it is right across the road from my office. I do also love sitting in the sun at Filosofy on the corner of Knox Lane and Bay Street. When I am at home in Vaucluse, the best coffee is at a sandwich bar at the traffic lights in Rose Bay North. The man that makes the coffee and owns the shop is a gorgeous man called Numi and he always gives my kids personalised babycinos with extra marshmallow’s!

Favourite date night place:

This might seem a bit boring, but once I have a ‘favourite’ I rarely change. My favourite place is Icebergs Dining Room. I just think it is the most spectacular setting. I have always loved the service and the food is sensational and never disappoints! I have been going here for much longer than I have lived in Sydney (I used to come up when we lived in Melbourne), and even though I have tried many other gorgeous places in this fabulous city, I keep coming back to this ‘old classic’.

Favourite Local Day Out Activity:

 In case this was not already obvious, the beach! I love nothing more than the rotational bliss of laying in the warm sunshine on the sand to a quick frolic cool down in the water. It just feels so soothing, natural and the way-its-meant-to-be! I even love it more than shopping!

Favourite Local Shop:

I love Scrumptious in Double Bay, it is the most adorable shop. I love any excuse for a celebration and they always have the most amazing decorations and boutique homewares as well as delicious handmade Belgian chocolate and treats. The best place for fabulous Christmas decorations!

Favourite wet weather location:

With 2 young kids I find Coogee Pavilion is where we tend to go if we want to head out in poor weather. The reason I love it there is the sensational space at the back dedicated solely to games and kids. The coffee is actually really good here as well, so it is the perfect indoor space for the kids to happily run around whilst you enjoy a coffee (or wine if it is that sort of day)! There are also table-service tables on the fringe of the games area, so parents can sit and continue eating (or drinking) whilst the kids can safely play and enjoy themselves in full view.

Describe an ideal day in Sydney’s eastern suburbs for you?

My perfect day would be spent with my family and close friends, having lunch at North Bondi Fish (because this is nice and casual and ideal for kids) and then the adults can ‘kick-on’ with a few cocktails in the sun whilst the kids can head home to nap! I love this particularly because you can sit back and enjoy the view and appreciate much of the reason that our Eastern Suburbs are so popular.

What area of the east have you yet to explore much but would like to?

I am fortunate enough to work in the real estate industry as a Buyer’s Agent and due to my broad range of clients and ‘briefs’, I have been able to explore most ‘nooks’ of this amazing area. When I have a new client or brief, I fully emerse myself in whatever the clients objectives are and part of that could be getting all the ‘locals knowledge’ and insider tips on that particular pocket.

For example, I am always keen to find out where the best coffee is or what the local ‘thorough fare’ sneaky back roads are, to ensure there are no surprises when my clients have purchased. There are so many fabulous ‘little’ villages in the Eastern suburbs and I love discovering them all!

Work or SAHM:

I work as a Buyer’s Agent at Rose & Jones in Double Bay. I have been in real estate for over a decade and love the fact that I can continue working in the industry I am so passionate about as well as enjoying everything motherhood brings to my life.

The great thing about being a ‘career-mum’ is many of my clients are also mothers or in a similar position to me and it allows me to have a great personal understanding and connection with my clients and their needs.

It is a blessing to work in a family-run, (and family friendly) business where there are a number of staff with children and flexible conditions.

Motherly advice:

My motherly advice is always the same, no matter the situation, listen to your intuition. Dance to the beat of your own drum, live life to the fullest and be happy!