Local Mum Beth Borowsky

Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east: When I emigrated in January 1992, I lived overlooking Tamarama beach for 8 years. I had a short inner city break and returned to Randwick 12 years ago, just up from Coogee beach.

How many children: 2 adult daughters, Jaye who is 23 and Tia who’s 19 (and hundreds of young kids to whom I’ve taught yoga over the years!)

Favourite Park: Centennial – I love how you can walk into the belly of the park, meet the wildlife and feel like you’re completely out of the city.

Favourite Beach: It’s a toss-up between Coogee beach and the women’s baths. Both are just a few minutes from home so I feel very lucky.

Favourite kid friendly cafe: Bellagio on Bronte Rd – I remember loving the outside back area and how easy it was to have toddlers running around. And just the other day, I noticed young mums enjoying the same experience.

Favourite Coffee Spot: The Bakehouse in South Coogee. It’s our go to after early morning exercise. Great coffee, amazing staff and yummy baked bread and croissants.

Favourite date night place: We love the Little Kitchen just up from Coogee beach. Always guaranteed of great food and service.

Favourite Local Day Out Activity: Popping into Bondi or Paddington Markets post a yummy brunch. Then a swim and hang out at the beach.

Favourite Local Shop: It’s hard for me to walk past Lived in Coogee and not pop in… and usually buy something!

Favourite wet weather location: Am I allowed to say home? If not, Randwick Ritz is around the corner and one of our all-time favourite spots.

Describe an ideal day in Sydney’s eastern suburbs for you? Fairly early morning rise, and either off to E-Lab gym or for a South Coogee to Gordon’s Bay walk with my two beloveds – my hubbie Howie and our Spoodle Thembi. If neither of those, then I’ll roll out my yoga mat for a home practice. Brunch for sure – our favourite date meal. There’s usually home chores which can be fun because we love pottering about our home. Depending on the weather, we’ll either stay quiet or meet friends at a local pub for a drink and catch up. Maybe an afternoon coffee and stroll through the back streets of Paddington or Woolhara or hanging out at the beach.

What area of the east have you yet to explore much but would like to? La Perouse and the Little Bay area. There are hidden gems down south of the eastern suburbs that definitely need more exploring.

Work or SAHM: I’ve always worked – it’s never really been a choice. I was also a single mum for about 4 years and so I had to work to survive. The last 15 years have been devoted to teaching yoga to kids and adults and building The Karma Class. I’ve been able to create a working life that has served my home life so it’s never had to be an either or for me. I feel pretty blessed.

Motherly advice : Mmmmm! Well, it’s a rollercoaster, that’s for sure! I think listening is a great skill to fine tune. Give your kids wings but remind them where their ground is. Cultivate trust so that they share with you – share with them! And remind your kids to always do things that make themselves proud – I think it goes a long way in cultivating self respect, accountability and trust. And, as Dame Joan Plowright, in her late 80s so beautifully says, “Introduce your children to yoga and mindfulness at a young age.” I’ve seen the gifts blossom in so many children, in myself and in our family. It’s why I created The Karma Class.

Beth is this the founder of The Karma Class and is a leading expert in working with teachers and parents to bring the gifts of Yoga, Breath and Mindfulness into every Australian home and classroom. Their suite of programs and products are designed to support teachers & parents to cultivate resilience, and reduce stress and anxiety through yoga-based movement, breath and mindfulnesss, both at home and in school.

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